Time to Change Things Up

Jerry Lucky Commentary April 2015

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I recently asked for your input about what you liked and didnít like about this website. Fortunately there wasnít anything serious that you didnít like. Hopefully that means that those who visit this music website are getting what they want from it. Thatís not to say there werenít some suggestions, like placing a ďHomeĒ button on some pages to accommodate certain browser programs that donít have a back button or placing these commentaries in reverse order so that the newest is always on top and so forth. They were all good suggestions, some of which I hope to incorporate in the weeks ahead.


However, there was one suggestion that caused me to pause and think; and that was to attach a numeric value to my reviews. Itís not something I havenít thought of before, but Iíve always shied away from implementing such a rating device. Perhaps it was time to revisit the idea. There is an old scriptural saying that goes something like: ďThere is safety in a multitude of councillors,Ē so I posed this question to a few close friends to get some additional feedback.


I know there are many places that do allow for some form of visual rating to aid in the discovery of the new. Amazon uses a five star rating going from ďI hate itĒ to ďI love it.Ē Even my Microsoft music player has a similar star rating system. There are a number of on-line Progressive Rock websites that also incorporate a numeric rating system, some out of five and some out of ten. In other genres I collect both comics and psychedelic posters and both of these actually use a very complex numeric system to establish the condition and value of an item.


As I thought about it, I had to ask, why havenít I done this in the past or perhaps more rightly why was I reticent to incorporate such a measurement. I guess, in some ways I shied away from the idea to some degree because so many others already did it and I didnít want to come off as a ďme tooĒ in this regard. I also wasnít sure how important or effective such a measurement tool was when my words were already there hopefully expressing in detail what my thoughts were. Another words I was leaving it all up to you to form an opinion based on my words rather than me judging a CD to be a specific number. I also shied away from the idea because of its finite nature. Once I assign a numeric value to a disc, I canít really change it, can I? But what if my feelings about the album change? Then what do I do?


There was one other aspect to this question that I realized was holding me back and that was Ė what does the scale of 1-to-5 represent for Jerry Lucky. And the more I thought about this particular aspect the more I came to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I realized that either end of the scale didnít have to mean what it means somewhere else, after all this is my website and as most of you know, unlike many other aggregate prog websites that rely on a multitude of reviewers, Iím the only one here listening, thinking and ultimately writing the reviews. I realized a while back I canít compete with those other larger sites and you know what, I donít want to. All I can do is offer my own unique and ultimately personal views on the music I listen to. That said I donít have time or space to review things I donít like. Thatís why for the most part you will only find positive things said at www.jerrylucky.com because those are the only albums I choose to listen to and review.


All that said, the feedback I received indicated a general consensus that said people like to see a number there because it helps them to see ďan opinion at a glance.Ē Perhaps this is a sign of our harried and busy lifestyles these days? None-the-less, I have decided itís time to change things up a bit and perhaps challenge myself and along with other changes you may have noticed, you will now begin to see a numeric value, 1 out of 5 attached to every review. I may even begin to work retroactivelyÖbut donít hold me to that.


Now comes the fun part: determining what a ď1Ē means and what a ď5Ē means to me. To my mind the thing that will make any number meaningful is knowing what it represents. One of the things I want to avoid is ď1Ē signifying Ė ďI hate it.Ē To my mind there are many things in the world that I could come to hate but music is not one of them. By the same definition a ď5Ē does not mean itís perfect given that perfection is a rare commodity in this life. So after some consideration hereís what the numbers will mean to me:


1 = Intriguing Ė but not really my cup of tea

2 = Good Effort Ė Iíd like to hear more or see what they do next time

3 = Satisfying Ė itís as good as most of the Progressive Rock music out there

4 = Great Stuff Ė This is better than most of the Prog thatís out there

5 = Brilliant - Itís A Keeper, everything a Progressive Rock Record should be


I hope this makes sense to you readers, lurkers and stalkers out there and hopefully it makes your experience here at this website a little more enjoyable. In some ways it will make my job a little harder, but hey, Iím up for the challenge. It's worth mentioning that as I roll-out this ratings scale you might see some fine-tuning or adjustments as we go along. More importantly, if you like what you see here, I would appreciate it if you could spread the word about my site to your friends. The more who visit the merrier - At least thatís what I think.


Jerry Lucky