The “LAST” Commentary   

Jerry Lucky Commentary October 2018

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It has come down to this – this will be my “LAST” commentary. Now, just to be safe I’ve put the word “last” in quotes because, well, never say never, right? It is quite possible for something to come up to activate some “grey-cell” activity in my cranium and who knows I may feel the need to say something. We shall wait and see.


I have been writing these 1200-1500 word deals since way back in the late nineties. I started posting them on the ghostland.com web site run by Chad Hutchinson who was part of the team that created the successful NearFest prog festivals. He was looking for content and with my Progressive Rock books newly on the book store shelves; he was kind enough to ask for my contributions. I was flattered and more than happy to oblige. I lost track of exactly how many we posted at ghostland.com but Chad says there were just over thirty of them posted with the first one showing up on line in March of 2000. Moving on a few years down the line and by the mid-2000’s I had launched JerryLucky.com and started posting my writing there. To this day I have written over 150 entries, not counting some valuable contributions from others. By my rough count that’s about 200,000 words devoted to the music genre I love, Progressive Rock. And now after twenty years of writing about the genre, I woke up in the middle of the night, a few days back and decided that I have pretty much said everything I can or want to say about my favorite music. So rather than just start repeating myself maybe it’s time to let my words stand and make room for other new and younger voices to be heard.


While much has changed in the world of Progressive Rock music over the years I can safely say I still hold too many if not all of the core aspects of the genre I researched and outlined in my three books as well as what was written in these commentaries. But if you will indulge me for the sake of clarity let me detail the key points here:


1. I still strongly believe that Progressive Rock is an easily definable genre based upon the implementation of the various musical elements outlined in my books. At the risk of repeating myself, if you incorporate the elements that define a reggae song you will create a reggae song. If you incorporate the elements of a country song you will create a country song. So it is with Madrigals and so it is with Progressive Rock music. If you use the Prog elements outlined in my book you will create a song that is easily heard as Progressive Rock.


2. I still strongly believe Progressive Rock as a genre is DIFFERENT from progressive music.


3. I still strongly believe the capitalization of the term Progressive Rock should be intentional. In my view Progressive Rock is a noun rather than a verb. It is a term describing a specific style of music rather than a style of performing or writing.


4. I still strongly believe Progressive Rock as a genre stopped “progressing” in the end of the seventies by which time it had become an established musical tradition. Some object to this idea but my experience has been that those who do object usually do so simply to be able to include their favorite non-Prog band in the Prog genre.


5. I no longer care about whether to use the term Progressive Rock or Prog. To me they mean the same thing.


6. I still strongly believe there are more Prog bands performing or existing today than there ever were in the seventies. Thanks to my buddy Jean for pulling all those numbers to together to prove the point.


7. And lastly I still strongly believe Progressive Rock to still be the most vibrant and exciting musical genre on the musical landscape, even as it continues to be so misunderstood.


So there we go my “last” words on the subject. I hope if you haven’t already, that you take a leisurely read through past commentaries. In my humble opinion there are a few gems there, some thought provoking ideas and so on. I’m sure you’ll read some things you might even disagree with and that’s OK. Hopefully there will be some things you do agree with. It’s all good either way. Hey while you are here, check out the over sixty interviews too. Lots of good stuff there.


So that’s it…but fear not it’s not the end of me or this website. I do plan to keep writing the reviews on a more-or-less weekly basis and who knows I may start up another radio podcast in the weeks ahead. Either way, it’s been fun putting my thoughts on “paper” so to speak…I hope you enjoyed reading my scribbling and by all means always feel free to stay in touch. As always, that’s what I think anyway…What do you think?


 Jerry Lucky (10/7/18)