Twelfth Night Newsletter, December 2017

Hello…It's been very quiet recently, hasn't it? The good news is that 2018 will be a busy year for us - it will very soon be 40 years since our first ever gig at Reading University, when we were a 2-piece band called, simply, Andy Revell. In honour of this frankly alarming milestone, we have a series of new releases in development for release throughout 2018.


Firstly, the long-awaited definitive edition of Fact and Fiction is scheduled for a Spring release. This will be a triple CD and download, featuring, well - you've have to wait and see! But we're very excited about this one. Stay tuned.


Secondly, work is progressing on the audio and video for A Night To Remember, our Barbican "farewell" show recorded in December 2012. The audio is just about complete with just some final tweaks to be done on the video edit. We plan a BluRay/DVD release and audio CD/download in 2018. 


Thirdly, with the original publication of Play On, our official biography, long out of print, we have asked Andrew Wild to update and expand his book - Andy has conducted a series of new interviews and taken the story right through to our final gig in 2014. We're looking for a late spring or early summer release and, once again, we will include the Play On DVD with all copies - our complete archive of memorabilia: news stories, photographs, rare videos and lots of music unavailable elsewhere.


Thanks for all of your patience - we've all been focussed on other things for the last 2 or 3 years but I can guarantee that 2018 will be a busy year for the Twelfth Night faithful! Kind regards, Brian  www.twelfthnight.info


Important News from Cuneiform Records

2018 will mark a New Era for Cuneiform Records.

Steve Feigenbaum is the brains behind Cuneiform. He is in charge of A&R, in addition to overseeing all business and legal matters. For 2018, Steve will take a year sabbatical to determine what direction the label could or should take to be viable again in the future. Because sales of recorded music in every format - digital, cd, lps - have dramatically declined for everyone in the music industry, it is no longer feasible for us to run a record label in the same manner as we have for the past 35 years. For Cuneiform, 2018 will be a year to rethink, retool and evolve the label.


During his sabbatical, Steve will continue to maintain Cuneiform’s catalogue, oversee digital and physical album sales, pay twice-yearly artist royalties, oversee licensing and other legal matters, and keep Cuneiform Record’s official website updated, including updating the Tour page for concerts. But, while Cuneiform released an average of 15 albums a year for more than three decades, no new releases are currently scheduled. Cuneiform will remain in its current offices in Silver Spring, which it shares with Wayside Music, an internet-based record store that Steve founded in 1980 and continues to run with Simon Mertz and a part-time assistant.


To familiarize yourself with the length and breadth of Cuneiform Records’ past releases, we invite you to visit:


Cuneiform Records’ Official Website: http://www.cuneiformrecords.com



In 2018, Cuneiform Records remains a precious resource for musicians, for fans, and for cutting-edge music itself. Steve Feigenbaum welcomes your encouragement and support as he resets Cuneiform for the future.


Updated Jan. 31, 2017
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Featuring New, Unsigned and Independent Progressive Rock from around the world, the radio show is an extension of my work on this website. If you like what you see here, you’ll love what you hear on the radio show. Heard exclusively on The Dividing Line Broadcast Network. Updated regularly, here’s what’s featured on the most recent shows…   


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