MAGNUM To Release New album

Lost On The Road To Eternity

The release of their latest album Lost On The Road To Eternity sees British hard rock band Magnum celebrate a very special anniversary on 19 January 2018. It will be the 20th studio recording by the group surrounding founder members Bob Catley (vocals) and Tony Clarkin (guitar) since their 1978 debut Kingdom Of Madness. At the same time, Clarkin, Catley and bassist Al Barrow are set to introduce their current line-up featuring new additions Rick Benton (keyboards) and Lee Morris (drums). Benton joined the Magnum camp in December 2016 to replace long-standing member Mark Stanway, while Morris took over from Harry James only a few months ago. Lost On The Road To Eternity contains eleven new songs, and  will once again be complemented by Rodney Matthews's atmospheric cover artwork. Lost On The Road To Eternity has been scheduled for release by Steamhammer/SPV on January 19, 2018 as digipak version incl. bonus live disc, 2LP coloured version, download and stream.


Effervescent Prog-Rock Ensemble Fischer's Flicker

Releases New Album “Open 28 Hours”

The musical mind of native Chicagoan Scott Fischer has been described as a colorfully symphonic amusement park. Whether it's a song-length concept piece, a full album, a rock opera or something else entirely, big bright melodies and ambitious composition always take center stage. As a contributor to Zappacast (the official Frank Zappa podcast), a performer in The Rod Stewart Experience with the legendary Carmine Appice and now on his seventh album, it's no wonder this latest release is titled “Open 28 Hours”: Whatever you're expecting from Fischer's Flicker, you're going to end up with more. “Open 28 Hours” revisits the humor and camp of Fischer's previous musical bodies of work, and also maintains a musically mature songwriting style and Fischer's signature elastic vocals. Part prog, part power pop, part funk, part piano magic, part 80's extravagance and all at once endlessly intriguing, “Open 28 Hours” plays like a diverse mixtape from another planet. To purchase Fischer's Flicker “Open 28 Hours”: https://goo.gl/eLg2eu


Bill Nelson's 3-Disc Boxed Set Available Dec. 1, 2017!

Esoteric Recordings' imprint Cocteau Discs, dedicated to the work of BILL NELSON, are proud to announce the release of a deluxe 3 disc clamshell boxed set limited edition collection titled “Dreamy Screens: Soundtracks from the Echo Observatory.” The set features three albums, all recorded at Bill Nelson's Yorkshire home studio, the Echo Observatory, in 1981 and 1982 - “Sounding the Ritual Echo” (originally issued as a limited edition bonus LP with Bill's 1981 album “Quit Dreaming and Get On the Beam”), “Das Kabinet” (a soundtrack to a production of “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari” by The Yorkshire Actors Company issued as an LP on Bill's Cocteau label in 1981) and “La Belle et La Bete” (a soundtrack to a stage production of Jean Cocteau's classic 1946 film “Beauty & the Beast,” first issued as a limited edition bonus LP with Bill's 1982 album “The Love That Whirls”). All of the recordings featured in this set demonstrate Bill's creativity utilizing primitive recording equipment by today's standards. As Bill has stated, “The music was recorded on a domestic four track machine. A high degree of self-discipline was in order.” All of the recordings forming “Dreamy Screens” have now become highly regarded in the prolific discography of Bill Nelson.


Updated Dec. 3, 2017
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