Keyboardist Tim Morse Releases “Tim Morse III”

Much to the excitement of Prog fans worldwide, keyboardist Tim Morse will be releasing his 3rd album “Tim Morse III” featuring songs about spiritual epiphanies, longing, friendship and  loss. The original idea for Tim's third album was that it would be a completely solo project where he would play all the instruments and sing all the vocals. However, even at the demo stage he missed the input of others, and decided to bring in some of his favorite musicians for cameo appearances (mostly drummers and guitarists). When the writing was finished Tim decided that it was essential to record on as much vintage gear as possible - Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Mini-Moog, and Mellotron samples. He spent a day at the Oakland Vintage Synthesizer Museum tracking songs with all kinds of analog synthesizer goodness (including the mighty Moog Taurus Bass pedals). Most of the recording was done in Tim's home studio (and others contributed parts from their project studios). Watch the video for “The Mary Celeste”:



Curved Air Announces Third Volume of its Ongoing Rarities Series!

Legendary Prog band Curved Air is pleased to announce the third volume of its ongoing rarities series with The Second British Rock Meeting 1972 – OUT NOW! The sound quality is of an astonishing fidelity for a live recording from the early 1970s and features the only known recordings of the band improvising! The last track is an extended jam and a version of the band’s hit “Vivaldi” – lasting well over 30 minutes! The band had just released its Phantasmagoria album at the time and the line-up was: Sonja Kristina, Darryl Way, Francis Monkman, Florian Pilkington-Miksa and Mike Wedgwood. The booklet features a written introduction by Francis Monkman, who mastered the audio and curated the release personally, along with two essays written by attendees at the festival and previously unseen pictures. These recordings capture a unique set from the band’s heyday, their only recorded improvisations and in unbelievable sound quality for a festival in the early 70s!


41POINT9 Releases “Mr. Astute Trousers”!

Prog Ensemble 41POINT9 is releasing their eagerly awaited new album “Mr. Astute Trousers”! 41POINT9 is known for being a prog rock band, but Bob and Brian would probably argue that point with you. “We don't care about styles or subjects or how the song will be classified. We start out with an idea and let the idea dictate where the song will lead. We usually write the lyrics first and then add the music in order to further the concept of the song. As such, we are able to bring a diverse range of musical influences to bear, like a painter would with many pigments and brushes. We actually create the songs with little to no regard for how we would or even could perform them live.” Bob continues, “We might combine Stravinsky strings with funk bass and heavy metal guitars. Hip-hop or EDM production styles might meet new wave synths and storytelling lyrics that would be at home on a classic country album. We simply don't care as long as the song is good.” In support of the “Mr. Astute Trousers” album release, 41POINT9 is preparing to tour later in the year if all goes well. “The difficulty in touring is that we have been having a real problem finding a drummer for the band,” Bob concludes. “All of the ones we have auditioned have spontaneously combusted. I guess that's what we get for using the same talent agency as Spinal Tap.”


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