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Pierre Moerlen’s Gong was a major branch of the massive Gong tree. In the mid ’70’s drummer Pierre Moerlen separated from Daevid Allen marking an end to the Flying Teapot period and a powerful jazz-rock unit was formed and signed to Virgin Records. Pierre’s brother Benoit Moerlen, Hansford Rowe, Francois Causse, Allan Holdsworth were core members. Many major guests joined them both on albums and touring. Mick Taylor, Mike Oldfield, and French violinist Didier Lockwood were key participants. Mike Oldfield occasionally used the PMG rhythm section for touring also calling on members for albums such as Ommadawn, Incantations, Exposed and Platinum. Pierre Moerlen died May 5th, 2005.? In concert Gong Expresso mines their huge repertoire and has exceptional guests joining them regularly. Hansford Rowe’s project HRIII merges with Gong Expresso. Gong alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe join HRIII guitarist Julien Sandiford for the recording of the new album by Gong Expresso titled Decadence.


King Crimson Tours In Support of New Live EP “Heroes”

Seminal rock band King Crimson begins their 2017 North American tour with the summer leg including a 17-show run spanning June 11 to July 10. The “Radical Action Tour 2017” will begin at Seattle's Moore Theatre on June 11. The tour will run through cities Saratoga, Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, and Minneapolis. King Crimson ends June with appearances at the Chicago Theatre on June 28 and Kodak Hall in Rochester on June 30. The band begins July with a swing through Eastern Canada including an appearance at the Montreal Jazz Festival on the 3rd and at Toronto's Massey Hall on the 5th ahead of a stop in Quebec City on the 7th. Crimson will play two shows at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey on July 9 and 10 before heading to Mexico City for shows on July 14 and 15. King Crimson also revealed, “there will be further dates in the autumn, to include New York City.” With four drummers up front including Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison and Jeremy Stacey, as well as the return of multi-instrumentalist Bill Reiflin, guitarist, and original founding member, Robert Fripp, states that this “double quartet formation” is likely to make more noise than ever before. Rounding out the eight piece line up are guitarist and vocalist Jakko Jakszyk, bassist Tony Levin, and saxophonist Mel Collins, also an early member of Crim.


Prog/Space Rock Revivalists HEDERSLEBEN NEW Album ORBIT

The new album from San Francisco-based collective Hedersleben is set to arrive on May 19 via Purple Pyramid Records. The band’s fourth studio album, Orbit, imagines a great elliptical orbit around the sun from the outer reaches of the Kuiper belt, plunging into the inner solar system past mother Earth then around the sun to sling-shot back to the darkness. One orbit. The songs are rooted along the path of this orbit, from “Distant Sun” and “Apogee” in the cold dark region to “Judas Star” and “Perigee” as we accelerate towards the center of the system. Other songs like “Hedersleben (Dreamstate),” reminisce about Earth or philosophize over being, at last, a space faring species, (“Walk Above The Clouds”). “Be There” uses faith in orbital mechanics as an allegory for a relationship. Orbit will be available on gatefold vinyl and deluxe digipak CD.


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Reviews Posted June 13, 2017
Reviews Posted June 13, 2017
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