French Prog Ensemble Yang Release 3rd Album!

Founded by Frédéric L’Épée in 2002 (previously founder of the bands Shylock in the 70's and Philharmonie in the 90's), Yang is an instrumental quartet which compositions melt guitar counterpoints, odd time signatures, New Music with a hint of oriental modes all together with a powerful rock pulse. Their new opus, “The Failure of Words”, is a touchstone in Yang's evolution. This album, unlike the others, aims no more to sound like in live situation but is a musical process itself. The idea behind the project was to express the inability, as human beings, to really communicate with our species, always experiencing conflict, disharmony and delusion. Only art, love, are able to convey our deepest feelings and ideas. Words failed us. “The Failure of Words” was recorded in different studios then mixed and produced in Berlin by Markus Reuter and Benjamin Schäfer


Zero Times Everything To Release New Album

Experimental music ensemble Zero Times Everything will be releasing their eagerly anticipated new album “Sonic Cinema” on April 21, 2017! Avant-garde post-industrial pre-cambrian pan-ethnic serial noise proto-punk neocortex music. It lives at the intersection of “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” and Autechre, mixing glitchcore, ambient, and progressive rock. Says band member Richard Sylvarnes, “In film making it is critical to create a sense of space; a world wholly imaginary that we can enter completely and without reservation. That is the first critical step in the creative process of Zero Times Everything. We strive to create worlds with sounds for a film that is either real or imagined. Hence the title: 'Sonic Cinema'. Although largely an instrumental recording there are passages of spoken texts; either through a disembodied heroine’s chant from a 1930’s gangster film, robot voices reciting Marxist texts, a child’s recitation of 'Twenty-first Century Schizoid Man', to a chorus of angry protesters whose calls against war resemble a liturgical chant. And, yet, the record ends on a celestial note - a treated, improvised guitar loop - that inspires hope and resilience within the storm.”


FABIO ZUFFANTI new EP "Amore Onirico"

Only on cassette and digital.

Recently defined by the Italian music press "father of progressive songwriting 2.0" Fabio Zuffanti is back three years after his acclaimed last album, "La quarta vittima”, with an EP titled "Amore Onirico", released only on cassette and digital download. The songs on this new EP sprang suddenly, lyrics and music at the same time, in a stream of consciousness flowed unexpectedly on a rainy evening of last autumn. It is eight short songs representing nearly confessions; guitars, vocals, piano and little else to offer an intimate and cozy nature that brings out thoughts, images, memories and pains that were stagnating in the soul of Fabio.  "Amore Onirico EP" is a short appetizer that will be the prelude to the new full-album. The EP will be released March 31, 2017 on AMS Records on a limited edition of 100 copies only on cassette and digital download.


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