Italian Prog Ensemble Syndone To

Release Seventh Album “Mysoginia”

The new road to symphonic rock! Much to the excitement of Prog fans worldwide, Italian ensemble Syndone is releasing their seventh album “Mysoginia”! Born in 1989, in the wake of the second progressive wave, Syndone – led by Nik Comoglio – have delved into every aspect of niche music during their first quarter of a century. Seven excellent albums have come out of this collaboration, contaminated with tones that, more often than not, have gone beyond all codes and frontiers. Their sound – which reflects the moods of Emerson Lake & Palmer to a certain extent – is not restricted to a slavish reading of the British band though. It tends to revitalise their spirit with formulas that have little to do with the style per se and move towards new shores, new sounds characterised by a rock background with extensive classical openings (sometimes played on strings), all tied together by a very expressive, sometimes theatrical, voice which brings everything together in an original, cultural and innovative product. Syndone is the band that it trying to re-launch progressive rock onto the Italian and European scene, in an attempt to give it a new lease of life, while remaining closely attached to its cultural roots. Watch the 2016 documentary Inside Syndone:



Introitus sign to BEM; new album in 2019

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce the signing of Swedish progressive rock combo Introitus for the release of their new album, Shadows in early 2019. The long awaited sequel to 2014’s critically acclaimed album Anima, Shadows sees the band honing their trademark contemporary progressive sound. Introitus mix their Swedish folk heritage and elements of traditional progressive rock to create a unique musical sound. Anna from Introitus said: “Introitus has always been well received by the UK progressive rock audience, so releasing our new album Shadows at BEM feels like coming home for us” Shadows will be released on CD and download in 2019.


Iconic Jethro Tull Guitarist Martin Barre

Releases New Album Roads Less Travelled

Martin Barre, best-known as guitarist in Jethro Tull - one of the biggest selling prog bands of all time, releases his new solo album Roads Less Travelled on Cleopatra Records on October 12, 2018. Barre has developed his own distinctive style within the framework of Jethro Tull, and his instantly recognizable and original sound form the basis of this album. Roads Less Travelled features 11 original tracks by Barre, which reflect the last 50 years of his esteemed musical career. Reflecting on the tracks & recording of the album, Barre says “I've concentrated on improving my songwriting over the last few years and as a result, I am really pleased with this new CD. Although my playing has a lot of space in the music, I've worked a lot harder on the arrangements and lyrics. My goal is to have a CD that keeps the listener from beginning to end. 'Roads Less Travelled' reflects my belief in taking music somewhere new.”


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