Art Rock Band Schooltree release Multimedia Epi

When music trends pander to the lowest common denominator, the real rebellion discards formulas and charts a stubbornly individualistic path. That's where we find Schooltree on their second release, Heterotopia: forging a new standard in sonic storytelling. Four years in the making, Heterotopia is a symphonic odyssey through a dystopian dreamworld: a 100-minute double record in the tradition of ambitious concept albums like The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Quadrophenia. Heterotopia favors warmth and dynamics but also clarity and punch, effecting a sound that’s both classic and contemporary. Dramatic choices like distinct singing styles for each character’s voice and accompanying instrumentation guide the listener through a shifting topography layered with stacked guitar harmonies, crystalline synth leads, odd time grooves and ominous ambient soundscapes.


Blackfield Release New Lyric Video!

Ahead of the release of their new studio album “Blackfield V” on March 17th through Kscope, Blackfield, a collaboration between Israeli songwriter and musician Aviv Geffen, and British musician and producer Steven Wilson, have released a new lyric video for the song “From 44 to 48”. Steven Wilson comments on the  the idea behind the track, “[it's]a song about growing older and letting go of dreams.” Watch video: https://youtu.be/zXvX7JEe1fw


The new studio album “Blackfield V”, written and recorded over 18 months in both Israel and England, contains 13 linked songs that form a flowing 45 minute ocean themed song cycle. “Blackfield V” is a powerful journey through catchy melodies, lush arrangements, and stunning production, with legendary producer / engineer Alan Parsons working on three of the album's key tracks.


FOCUS Drummer Releases 1st Solo Album!

Pierre van der Linden, the drummer in legendary Dutch band Focus, has released his first solo album entitled “Drum Poetry” for fans and students of his varied drumming styles and techniques. Pierre’s drumming can be heard in numerous rock, jazz and improvisational bands, but this is the first time it can be heard and studied in isolation, or accompanied by other unexpected instruments also played by Pierre. Pierre is the current drummer in Focus and also played with the band during the 1970s including on their hits “Hocus Pocus” and “Sylvia”. Pierre also played on the band’s most recent album, “Focus X”, and is currently in the studio recording “Focus 11” and will be on tour throughout 2017!


Keyboardist Richard Barbieri Releases New 360° Video

“What other planets are out there? Could there be any life 40 light-years away?” - The new, experimental 360° video for Richard Barbieri’s track “Solar Sea”, explores these questions, imagines these new worlds - colliding planets, ice crystals inside a hollow comet, volcanic asteroids spewing molten lava into open space and a breathtaking finale. The new video is taken from his forthcoming new studio album entitled Planets + Persona.


VIEW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQiZVQc06KM

Updated March 6, 2017
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