Roine Stolt’s The Flower King announces

 ‘Manifesto Of An Alchemist’

Roine Stolt, known as the guitarist, singer, writer and at times band leader of the groups The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Agents of Mercy, Kaipa DC, as well as from his work with prog icon Jon Anderson and the new super-group The Sea Within, is releasing a new album on November 23rd. Under the moniker ROINE STOLT’S THE FLOWER KING, ’Manifesto Of An Alchemist’ offers 10 songs and almost 70 minutes of playing time celebrating the style Roine is most revered for: progressive rock, richly orchestrated with all the trademark elements from four decades of the genre. Roine comments: “Unlike many later albums, where recordings have continued over months, this new album has been a fairly quick and effective affair - we started tracking in Holland at the beginning of July and mix was done by mid-August!” The album features a host of other musicians, including long-time collaborators Jones Reingold, Hans Froberg & Michael Stolt, as well as fellow The Sea Within member Marco Minnemann, Max Lorentz, Zach Kamins, Rob Townsend & Nad Sylvan.


Glass Hammer new album News!

Bassist Steve Babb says the new concept album tells the story of “the ultimate prog fan.” Chronomonaut is a stand-alone album but also acts as a Part Two for the highly successful 2000 release Chronometree. Babb elaborates, “Our album deals with time travel, nostalgia and the love of prog-rock. Chronomonaut’s protagonist, Tom, starts his own band and then makes the attempt to go back to the seventies in hopes of becoming a prog-god. It’s all in fun and is really a very tongue-in-cheek look at how our favorite music can take us back in time.” Steve Babb is joined by Susie Bogdanowicz, Aaron Raulston, and Fred Schendel. Guest appearances include Discipline’s Matthew Parmenter and Chris Herin. Pre-order an autographed copy of CHRONOMONAUT today! Grab the bundle and get Chronomonaut, a Limited Edition Chronomonaut T-shirt and a FREE copy of CHRONOMETREE REMASTERED w/bonus track and new booklet. It's a great deal but only available at The Glass Hammer Store for a limited time. Don’t delay! Click HERE to order now, or use this link: http://glasshammer.com/official-store/


Guitar Legend Peter Banks's Harmony In Diversity

“The Complete Recordings” Now Available!

Peter Banks was one of the original members of YES and an accomplished guitarist, but sadly passed away in 2013. This set is being released in his memory, by his Estate, during the 5th anniversary of his passing and the 50th Anniversary of YES. This is the FIRST EVER mainstream release of the “Harmony in Diversity” recordings. The set features ALL the recordings of the band and has been overseen and mixed by Andrew Booker and Nick Cottam with the additional approval of Dave “Jick” Speight who appeared on the final disc of the set. The set also features new artwork, an extensive booklet and the audio has received a 2018 remaster. The albums are also available in their original individual form digitally.“It was tragic that few realised just what an incredible guitarist Peter was, his approach was off the wall yet so beautifully emotive. A truly expressive musician” - Nick Cottam

Released on the 14th September 2018 via Cherry Red Records.


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