Jack O' The Clock - Repetitions of the Old City I
Jack O' The Clock - Repetitions of the Old City II
Jackson, Andy -  Signal to Noise
Jakszk, Jakko M. - "Bruised Romantic Glee Club"
Jakszyk, Fripp and Collins - "A Scarcity of Miracles"
Jaugernaut - "Contra-Mantra"
Jelly Fiche - "tout ce que j'ai reve"
Jelly Fiche - "Symbiose"
Jet Black Sea - The Path of Least Existence
Jet Black Sea - Absorption Lines
Jet Black Sea - The Overview Effect
Jet Plane - Falls Feather
Jolly - "Forty Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music"
Jono - Life
Judge Smith - "Orfeas"
Jupiter Society - "First Contact//Last Warning"
Jupiter Society - "Terraform"
Jupiter Society - "From Endangered to Extinct"
Jurjendal, Robert - Simple Past
Kaipa - "In the Wake of Evolution"
Kaipa - Children of the Sounds
Kansas - The Prelude Implicit
Kant Freud Kafka - No Tengas Miedo
Kant Freud Kafka - Onirico
Karcius - "Episodes"
Karcius - "The First Day"
Karda Estra - "The Last of the Libertine"
Karda Estra - "Weird Tales"
Karda Estra - "New Worlds"
Karda Estra - "Mondo Profondo"
Karda Estra - Strange Relations
Karda Estra - Future Sounds
Karda Estra - The Seas and the Stars
Karda Estra - Infernal Spheres
Karfagen - "The Space Between Us"
Karmakanic - "Who's the Boss in the Factory"
Karmakanic - "In A Perfect World"
Karmakanic - Dot
Karmamoi - Odd Trip
Karnataka - "The Gathering Light"
Karnataka - Secrets of Angels
Kaukasus -I
Kayak - Seventeen
Kenyon Bunton - This Guy's Gisguised This Sky
Keravel - "Must"
Kershaw, Mike - Arms Open Wide
Kerzner, Dave - Static
Khan Tengri - KT2
Kilbey Kennedy - Glow and Fade
Kinetic Element - Travelog
Kinetic Element - The Face of Life
Kingbathmat - "Truth Button"
Kingbathmat - "Overcoming the Monster"
Kingcrow - "Phlegethon"
Kino - Radio Voltaire
Knight Area - "Realm of Shadows"
Knight Area - "Nine Paths"
Knight Area - Hyperdrive
Koi - "In Tomorrow hid Yesterday"
Kolyadin, Gleb - Gleb Kolyadin
Kotebel - "Ouroboros"
Kotebel - "Concerto for Piano & Electric Ensemble"
Kotebel - Live at Prog-Resiste 2013
Kotebel - Cosmology
Kyrant - Symptoms EP
Kyrant - Fall Through Silence
Kyros - Vox Humana
La Curva di Lesmo - La Curva di Lesmo
Lafuente, Victor - "Inside"
Laing, Corky & the Perfect Children - "Playing God"
Laktating Yak - Origin of the Yak
Lana Lane - "Red Planet Boulevard"
Landmarq - "Entertaining Angels"
Landmarq - Roadskill
LaRue, Lisa - Origins
Last Detail, The - At Last...The Tale and Other Stories
Last Flight to Pluto - See You at the End
Last Placid Days of Plenty - "Headphone Gallery"
Lawry, Kevin - The Shadow Stole the Dawn
Lawry, Kevin - The Journey of Regret
Lebowski - "Cinematics"
Lee, Lucas - Acceptances of Gravitational Collapsing...
Lee, Lucas - Lowered Expectations
LEF - Hypersomniac
Legend - "Ritual Echo"
Legend - "Cardinal Points"
Levin Minnemann Rudess - From the Law Offices of...
Levin Torn White - "Levin Lorn White"
Liquid Casing - "A Separate Divide"
Lisa LaRue 2KX - "Fast and Blue
Little Atlas - "Hollow"
Little Atlas - "Automatic Day"
Little King - "Legacy of Fools"
Lobate Scarp - "Time and Space"
LogoS - L'enigma della vita
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream
LoreWeaveR - Italic
Lost Crowns - Every Night Something Happens
Love de Vice - "Numaterial"
Loving the Sun - "The Path of Love"
Luminous Newts - Songs from a Local Universe
Lunar Cape - Just Lunatics
Lunatic Soul - "II"
Lunatic Soul - "Impressions"
41Point9 - "Still Looking for the Answers"
41Point9 - Mr. Astute Trousers
Factory of Dreams - "Poles"
Factory of Dreams - "A Strange Utopia"
Factory of Dreams - "Melotronical"
Fafard, Antoine - "Solus Operandi"
Faith - "Blessed?"
Far Corner - "Endangered"
Far Corner -Risk
Farinella, Allessandro - "Road to Damascus"
Farpoint - "Cold Star - Quiet Star"
Farpoint - Paint the Dark
Fearing the Hill - Titan
Fields, The - Conspiring Truth EP
Fierce and The Dead - "Spooky Action"
Fierce and the Dead - The Euphoric
Fiore, Dino - "Fleur Folia"
First Band from Outer Space - "The Guitar is Mightier..."
Flash - "Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter"
Flower Flesh - "Duck in a Box"
Flower Kings - "Banks of Eden"
Flower Kings - "Desolation Rose"
Flying Colors - "Flying Colors"
Flying Colors - Second Nature
Fobos - Fobos
Focus - "X"
Focus - 11
Focus - Golden Oldies
Focus and Friends - Focus 8.5/Beyond the Horizon
Forever Twelve -  Home
Forgotten Suns - "Innergy"
Forgas Band Phenomena - "Acte V"
Forgas Band Phenomena - The Electric Ear
Foster III, Jack - "Jazzraptor's Secret"
Fractal Mirror - Strange Attractors
Fractal Mirror -  Garden of Ghosts
Fractal Mirror - Slow Burn 1
Fractal Mirror - Close to Vapour
FramePictures - "Remember It"
Frequency Drift - "Ghosts"
Frequency Drift - Letters to Maro
Fright Pig - "Out of the Barnyard"
Froberg, Hasse - "Future Past"
Froberg, Hasse - "Powerplay"
FromUZ - "Seventh Story"
Frost* - "Experiments in Mass Appeal"
Frost* - Falling Satellites
Fughu - "absence"
Fughu - "Human"
Fun Machine - "Sonnenhuhn"
Gaillion - Renewal and Release
Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - "All Out of Peaches"
Galgano, John - "Real Life is Meeting"
Galley Beggars -  Heathen Hymns
Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Fable
Gardening Club, The - The Gardening Club
Gardening Club, The - The Riddle
Gargamel - "Descending"
Gauthier, Daniel - "The Wish"
Gazpacho - "Missa Atropos"
Gazpacho - "March of Ghosts"
Gazpacho - Soyuz
Gekko Project - "Electric Forest"
Gekko Projekt - Reya of Titan
Gentle Infidels - "Insolents and Indolents"
Gentle Knife - Gentle Knife
Gentle Knife -  Clock Unwound
George, Randy - "Action Reaction"
Gietkowski, Kris - Songs from the first album by EGG
Gietkowski, Kris - Symmetric Communication
Gill, Michael - "Blues for Lazarus"
Gillette, Eric - "Afterthought"
Ginger Trees - "Along With The Tide"
Glasgow Coma Scale - Enter Oblivion
Glass Hammer - "Culture of Ascent"
Glass Hammer - "Live at the Tivoli" DVD
Glass Hammer - "IF"
Glass Hammer - "Cor Cordium"
Glass Hammer - "Perilous"
Glass Hammer - Ode to Echo
Glass Hammer - The Breaking of the World
Glass Hammer - Chronomonaut
Glutton, The - "Parts of Animals"
Ghost Circus - "Across The Line"
Ghost Medicine -  Discontinuance
Goad - "Masquerade"
God Inc - Minstral's Tale
Godsticks - "Godsticks"
Godsticks - "Spiral Vendetta"
Golden Caves - Bring Me to the Water
Golden Caves - Collision
Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead!
Gothik Serpent - Interloper
Gorczyca, Andrew - "Reflections - an Act of Glass"
Gosta Berlings Saga - "Detta Har Hant"
Gosta Berlings Saga - "Glue Works"
Gosta Berlings Saga - Sersophane
Goto, Tadashi - "Innervisions"
Gran Torino - "grantorinoProg"
Grand General - "Grand General"
Grand Astoria, The -  The Mighty Few
Grande, Jono el - Melody of a Muddled Mason
Graveyard - "Graveyard"
Green, Jeff - "Jessica"
Green Project, Jeff - Elder Creek
Green Violinist - "More Thrill and Never Ending Blessing"
Greyfeather - Greyfeather
Greylevel - "Hypostatic Union"
Grice - Propeller
Grice - Alexandrine
Grice - The Grey of Granite Stone
Grice - One Thousand Birds
GTRMAN - "Blackened"
Guapo - "History of the Visitation"
Guapo - Obscure Knowledge
Gungfly - "Lamentations"
Gungfly - On Her Journey to the Sun
Gunn, Trey - I'll Tell What I Saw
Hackett, Steve - "Out of the Tunnel's Mouth"
Hackett, Steve - "Beyond the Shrouded Horizon"
Hackett, Steve - "Genesis Revisited II"
Hackett, Steve - Wolflight
Hackett, Steve - The Night Siren
Hadeon - Sunrise
Haken - "The Mountain"
Half Past Four - "Rabbit in the Vestibule"
Half Past Four - "Good Things"
Half Past Four - Land of the Blind
Hallucinant Telepherique - Absorbed by the Forest
Hands - Caviar Bobsled
Harvest - "Underground Community"
Harvest - "Chasing Time"
Harvest - Northern Wind
Hedersleben -  Die Neuen Welten
Hedersleben - Orbit
Heliopolis -  City of the Sun
HellHaven - "Beyond the Frontiers"
Hess&Franzen - "ClosedLockedSealed"
Hess&Franzen - "UST Vol. 01"
Hibernal - "The Machine"
Hibernal - Replacements
Hibernal - After the Winter
Hibernal - The Dark of the City
Hickman, John - Remnants
Hillmen - Whisky Sessions Vol. II
Hoia - Scavenger
Hollow Earth - Out of Atlantis
Hollowscene - Hollowscene
Hollow Water - Rainbow's End
Honing, Sebas - The Big Shift
Hope To Find - "Still Constant"
Hope To Find - Our Story About You
Horisont - Odyssey
Hostsonaten - "Autumn Symphony"
Hostsonaten - Symphony #1: Cupid & Psyche
Hot Karate - "Finger Food"
Huis -Despite Guardian AngelsI
Huis - Neither in Heaven
I Bow Candles - "The Outs and Breakdowns of Symmetry"
ID, The - The Masque
ifsounds - An Gorta Mor
Iluvatar - From the Silence
Ilvcia - "In the Nature of Reason"
Imagery - The Inner Journey
In The Labyrinth - "One Trail to Heaven"
In the Labyrinth - Samas Antaral
In the Presence of Wolves - Thalassas
Ingranaggi della Valle - "In Hoc Signo"
Inner Ear Brigade - Dromology
Inner Odyssey - Ascension
Inner Road - "Visions"
Inner Road - "Ascension"
Inside the Sound - Wizard's Eyes
Intentions - "Place in Time"
Intersphere - "interspheres><atmospheres"
Intersphere - The Grand Delusion
Introitus - "Elements"
Invisigoth - "Alcoholocaust"
Invisigoth - "Narcotica"
IQ - "Frequency"
IQ - "Tales from the Lush Attic - 2013 Remix"
IQ -  Road of Bones
Isildurs Bane & Steve Hogarth - Colours Not Found in Nature
Isildurs Bane - Off the Radar
ISOS -  Loving on Standby
Isproject - The Archinauts
IT - We're All In This Together
It Bites - "The Tall Ships"
It Bites - "Map of the Past"
IWKC - Evil Bear Boris
IWKC - Cargo Cult EP
IWKC - Hladikarna
IZZ - "Crush of Night"
IZZ - Everlasting Instant
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