Band: Andy Tillison Diskdrive

CD Title: “Fog”

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Label: Prog Jam Recording

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Release Date: 2007


It would be true to say that every artist has different sides that are expressed by different desires and motivations. Just because a musician is known to create a certain type of music doesn’t mean that’s the only type of music they make. Knowing that helps bridge the gap that exists between the music of The Tangent and the music you’ll discover on Andy Tillison Diskdrive. Those of you who purchased the special edition of the World We Drive Through will have gotten a taste of this with the bonus track “exponenzgesetz” which was 14 minutes of similar electronic music.


Andy Tillison Diskdrive is the solo musical effort that allows Tillison to go in a very different progressive direction. Here the music is all keyboard based, spacey, trippy, dreamy, but also percussive and rhythmic. The disc Fog contains only three long tracks with the first track “Nebel” (19:00) being a four parter with part 3 “sink” (3:40) being the only thing that even remotely resembles the music of The Tangent. But then this isn’t The Tangent and the music isn’t supposed to sound much like that musical outing. No, here the musical inspiration is from the electronic worlds occupied by Tangerine Dream and others from that school. The music on Fog features a host of synthesizers old and new with arpeggiated sequences looped to form the rhythmic foundation. Every-so-often guitar sounds are heard, but not often and only it seems for accents compliments of Guy Manning. The other two tracks on Fog, “ersatzgebaude” (20:00) and “abendspaziergangamrhein” (18:09) by their spelling alone betray a strong German electronic music influence that Tillison has harbored from his youth. With these two tracks it’s all about spacey ambience, sonic landscapes that ebb and flow through subtle changes creating hypnotic atmospheres. My ears hear not only a Tangerine Dream influence, but at times a little early Vangelis from the Bladerunner era as well. All that said the music on Fog retains a strong sense of rhythm. The music does at time get aggressive in a prog sense and rarely creates noise for the sake of dissonance.


Fans of The Tangent may be surprised at the music on Fog, but give it a listen and you may be surprised at how much you might enjoy what you hear. There’s more than a little of that band’s style here to hold your interest, while at the same time exposing fans to a completely different side of Tillison. Worlds away from what you might expect, the music of Andy Tillison Diskdrive has its own charm and appeal. Nicely done.