Band: Also Eden

CD Title: ďItís Kind of You to AskĒ

Band Website:

Label: Independent Release

Release Date: 2008


Itís Kind of You to Ask is the second release Iíve got from UK band Also Eden and I have to tell you I really like it. Itís the follow-up to 2006ís About Time and while some might pass it off as barely prog, I respectfully have to disagree. To my ears, and these ears have heard a lot of prog over the years, this is classic symphonic melodic prog of the highest order. I liked all seven of the tracks as each offered something a little more than the previous. Also Eden consists of Si Rogers (guitars, vocals), Ian Hodson (keyboards, vocals), Tim Coleman (drums), Steve Dunn (bass) and Huw Lloyd-Jones (vocals).  


As mentioned there are seven tracks here and itís probably good to start off with the sonic reference points and the best one I could hear would be Pallas, not only because of the compositional style but also because of the uncanny vocal resemblance. Again this is modern symphonic prog that reflects plenty of dramatic musical shifts and every changing dynamics. The opening ďStarĒ [11:06] starts out with a majestic buildup before going into the song proper but then scales everything back to a slower interlude before launching into another aggressive section to complete the piece. Guitars and keyboards are constantly exchanging lead lines. With three of the seven tracks over ten-minutes there are lots of opportunities for musical change-ups. Songs will start one way and descend into a very different feel before long. Which again to my ears is what melodic prog is all about. Also Eden donít spend much time noodling although there are plenty of musical interludes all serving the needs of the song. A song like ďSkimming StonesĒ [6:59] is a perfect example where it starts out slow, moody and dreamy before building to a climax which then resolves into a some soloing before returning to the songs core melody and then ending in a different aggressive motif.  This is a wonderful collection of songs that sound movingly introspective at times and then provide grand and majestic finishes.      


I purchased the bandís first CD on a lark and was pleasantly surprised so it was with that history that I looked forward to Itís Kind of You to Ask and I wasnít disappointed. Also Eden create a very accessible symphonic prog that has a lot to offer from wonderful compositions, excellent musicianship and deft production. Iím surprised they havenít been snatched up by some label. I can only surmise they want it that way. Great job.