Band: Abigail’s Ghost

CD Title: “d_letion”

Band Website:   

Label: Aesperus Music - Independent Release

Release Date: 2009


This is the second official full-length CD release for the Alt-prog band Abigail’s Ghost entitled d_letion.  ThisLouisiana based five-piece consists of Brett Guillory (keyboards), Kenneth Wilson (bass), Randy LeBoeuf (rhythm guitar), Joshua Theriot (lead guitar, vocals) and John Rodrigue (drums). It’s been a couple years since the release of Selling Insincerity and it sounds to me the band have gotten tighter and a lot more accomplished in their compositional style and musical performance.


On d_letion we have 11 tracks ranging from the longer “Annie Enemy” [7:20] to the shorter “Grave Concerns” [2:24]. The easiest point of reference here once again is Porcupine Tree. Simply put if you like Steve Wilson’s musical approach to prog you’re going to love Abigails Ghost. Each composition is loaded with some heavy sonically crushing rhythm guitar and searing lead lines with vocals treated in a kind of metallic fashion. Personally I love these guys and the music they make. It may not be the most complex music in the world but Abigails Ghost can write a really good hook and they are getting better at putting that hook into the confines of a composition that knows exactly when to blister and when to heal. It might be just my ears but I detect a little more obvious keyboard layers buried in amongst the guitar crunch too. When the band isn’t buzz-sawing their way into your brain they can really craft a haunting ballad such as “Cinder Tin” [5:39] that retains just enough grit so that you don’t lose your place. All of these songs display an amazing intensity. And the production is rich and full and yet when it needs to pull back it does allowing ample breathing space for the changing musical dynamics. If I was to generalize the more aggressive tracks open the CD kicking the musical festivities off in a big way while the last half of the disc tends to offer up more of the moody, proggy stuff.


I suppose Abigails Ghost won’t be everyone’s cup-of-tea. Those of you in the crowd who like Porcupine Tree can start lining up to purchase your copy, ‘cause I know you’re going to be wetting yourself over d_letion. Now for the rest of you maybe it’s time you opened up to something a little different. The ultra modern alt-prog of Abigails Ghost might be just the thing to win you over. I dare you to give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Once again the band has really delivered!