Band: Carpet Knights

CD Title: “According to life…”

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Label: Transubstans Records

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Release Date: 2009


It’s been about five years since The Carpet Knights released their first recording, but they’re back with a second release entitled According to life… and it’s a pretty cool disc. The band hails out of that musical hot-bed country of Sweden. It’s quite amazing the variety of prog that comes out of a country that size. Having gone through some personnel changes they’re now made up of Manne Nilsson (vocals, flute), Jocke Jonsson (vocals, guitar), Tobias Wulff (guitars, sounds) and newer members Pelle Engvall (drums) and Par Hallgren (bass). The music this time around is a little denser, more driving in tempo and perhaps a little darker.


According to life… features ten tracks most of which are around five-to-seven minutes with a couple a little longer. Musically there is almost a retro feel made audible by the driving bass and drums contrasting either the flute work or some amazing guitar soloing. The tunes have a pretty strong psychedelic influence as well, with dense repeating rhythm patterns which will suddenly give way to some inspired guitar work. No shredding here however, everything is neatly parceled out and nothing is overused. The tone of the music still has a hint of moodiness or dark intensity that at times reminded me of some of music of Anekdoten or label mates Gargamel. Although there are no obvious Mellotrons here, instead the music is very guitar-centric with some great riffs that charge off in one direction only to stop, turn on a dime, with flutes or vocal chants taking centre stage before the song picks up energy and the guitars solo out to a sudden, cliff-hanging ending. As is the case many times it’s the longer songs that allow the band to craft more musically complex compositions and it’s the seven and ten-minute pieces that feature the greatest number of musical change-ups.


Fans of the slightly somber Scandinavian progressive rock sound will find much to appreciate with the music of The Carpet Knights. The songs collected on According to life… offer a musical depth that holds up well over repeated listening. In addition I found the general proggy-psychedelic tone really appealing. This disc plays like a roller-coaster taking you up and down, round and round for an amazing musical ride.