Band: Acid Rain

CD Title: “The Descending Line”

Band Website:   

Label: Independent Release

Release Date: 2009


This is the first full CD release for the Argentinean band Acid Rain and its called The Descending Line. Formed originally in 2002 Acid Rain set out to be a Progressive Rock band and after some personnel changes over the intervening years the band is set to make its mark. This quintet is made up of: Sebastian Fernandez (vocals), Fernando Culen (guitars), Andres Blanco (keyboards, vocals), Ezequiel Gimenez (bass, vocals) and Martin Magliano (drums, percussion). The music created by Acid Rain is best described as heavy symphonic prog with more than a bit of Prog-Metal thrown in for good measure. Think of Dream Theater crossed with Styx.


The Descending Line is made up of ten tracks most of which are in the four to five minute range with a couple shorter and one as long as 8:54. The album is divided into four chapters and each chapter starts off with an instrumental. The music is loaded with keyboard orchestrations and is very dramatic; grand in scope and epic in nature. These are really big tunes, with lots of opportunity for musical virtuosity as guitar and keyboard solos are everywhere. Its best exemplified in the disc’s opening track “Doors of the Mind” [4:53] with all it’s musical gymnastics; starts and stops, loud and soft, fast and slow, it’s all there on display. This song then slides right into the first vocal track “Chasing Dreams” [4:13] and it’s with the vocals that band loses it a bit for me. Fernandez has the right tone and contributes many elements to these compositions; it’s just that too many times he’s overly earnest and sounds like he’s reaching too hard. My own view is these dynamic compositions would be better served with a little more vocal restraint. But maybe that’s just me. The cinematic nature of these compositions is enhanced even more with the use of film-like voice tracks. It’s a nice touch. Each track slides into the next generating one long piece of music that goes from exotic to bombastic as demonstrated in “Beyond Reality” [5:11] where we start with almost an Asian feel before launching huge cascading power chords. It’s really quite good.


Acid Rain’s first CD effort The Descending Line is a winner. They’ve created a powerful music that’s written and performed exceptionally well. This is music that will have no problem finding an audience and will easily appeal to fans of both heavy symphonic and prog-metal.