Band: Clover Seeds

CD Title: “The Opening”

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Label: Laser’s Edge Records

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Release Date: 2010


The Opening is the second CD release from French band CloverSeeds and some will no doubt question its prog qualifications. There is no question the prog genre has really opened up over the last decade and many of the newer bands have taken, shall we say a somewhat more mainstream approach and in that sense CloverSeeds have staked their claim in this ever-expanding genre. Originally formed in 2004 the band is made up of; Steph Barrier (bass), Fabrice Jacquet (guitar), Pierre Librini (guitar) and Ced Oleon (vocals). As I say, this is actually the band’s second official CD, the first having been released on a small French label is a little more difficult to track down.


The Opening features 9-tracks all around the four or five minute mark. First let me say this is a very modern rock sounding album with any prog used as embellishment along the way. The songs are more or less straight-forward rock pieces with a straight-forward direct approach. Where things get interesting is with song structures and arrangements. Songs like the opener, “Over Camellia” [4:02] start off with some great crunchy guitar and stay pretty much on mark with subtle shifts in arrangement providing the songs variety. The second track “Fam(L)ar” [4:53] starts off with guitar and vocals providing a haunting kind of march before some great power-chord accents. This is the type of song that again sees the stuff going on in the background providing more of the intricacies while the musical surface is actually quite simple. The longest of the songs are the two that run slightly over the six-minute mark. One is the title track “The Opening” [6:01] which starts off with some high pitched guitar picking while drums and bass provide a heartbeat like pulse that builds and builds underneath. At the 1:31 mark the vocals commence the song proper. There are some nice power chords at the 2:30 mark that move the tune into a slightly different feel. Without belaboring the point, the music of CloverSeeds gives off a very modern feel borrowing an energy from any number of bands you might see or hear on the modern rock charts. 


Whether or not prog fans will get into CloverSeeds will be based on an individual’s openness to music that is perhaps less about the proggy-ness and more about the basic feel of the song. To my ears CloverSeeds is a band that requires multiple listens to really get the depth of what they’re trying to accomplish. So in the end what we have here are 9 great rock songs without a lot of musical gymnastics. For what it is, it sounds pretty good.