Band: Atto IV

CD Title: “Shattered Lines”

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Label: Galileo Records/Gonzo Multimedia

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Release Date: 2011


This disc starts out sounding like the latest prog-metal release but quickly morphs into something much different. Atto IV was formed in 2003 and after receiving great reviews from their live appearances and first recording here they are with the second musical offering entitled Shattered Lines. This quartet is made up of Valerio Rizzotti (guitars, vocals), Nicolo Colombo (bass), Francesco Fabris (drums) and Christian Moro (keyboards). As you listen to Shattered Lines, even though the guitars are significantly heavier in tone you can’t help but hear the early prog influences of bands such as PFM or Banco. These influences have been absorbed quite well so that the sound emanating from Atto IV is very much their own musical take on the classic Italian progressive rock style.


Shattered Lines features nine-tracks, many of which are in the seven or eight-minute range. This allows for the band to really flex their musical chops. The music is certainly more aggressive that it might have been in the seventies, but there’s no denying the classical or jazzy influences that pop up from time to time. On top of that the band can write some very engaging melodies such as in “Bad Dreams” [8:01] which has a distinct Porcupine Tree flavor. The guitar is the favoured instrument, however the keyboards show-up in classic symphonic fashion, organ chops here or Mellotron styled stings there, mostly for embellishment rather than the focus. They really seem to come to the fore as the band weaves through the different musical stylistic changes within each composition; and there are many of those. This is music that is constantly changing and played with a complex approach. Atto IV is not afraid to dig deep and bring all the notes to the surface. This is certainly made clear with the three-part instrumental closure “The Voyager” [15:27].


Shattered Lines is really one of those discs that will fool you if you only listen to one track. The depth and variety of their musical approach is best appreciated upon listening to the whole disc. Only then will you hear some of the more obscure Italian prog influences. Fans of that style or those into Porcupine Tree styled contemporary prog take note; Shattered Lines is a disc I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Great stuff!