Band: Franck Carducci

CD Title: “Oddity”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2011


Franck Carducci is a man passionate about the music he creates. And that music is progressive rock with symphonic overtones. It sounds familiar and yet also fresh and new. His take on the symphonic prog genre will be familiar to fans of bands like Pendragon at their symphonic finest. That’s the closest sonic touch point that came to my mind. While Carducci is very much the multi-instrumentalist (bass, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals) he’s surrounded himself with quite a cast of musicians including: Phildas Bhakta (drums), John Hackett (flute), Richard Vecchi (keyboards, guitar), Florence Marien (voices), Michael Strobel (guitar), Niko Leroy (Hammond, synths), Larry Crockett (drums), Marianne Delphin (vocals), Christophe Obadia (guitar, didgeridoo), Vivika Sapori-Sudemäe (violin), Yanne Matis (vocals), Gilles Carducci (mandolin) and Fred Boisson (drums). Carducci has played with over 20 different bands but it was while opening for Steve Hackett that he became convicted of the prog genre. And it’s a good thing for us…because he’s got a lot of talent.


Oddity is his first disc and it contains seven-tracks, two of them long multi-part epics but even at that there are two other long songs plus one short one for good measure. The opening track “Achilles” [14:31] is made up of six segments that cover the classic symphonic prog elements; huge swells of music, choirs, soaring guitars, flutes, Mellotrons, soft acoustic guitar bridges and all kinds of musical change-ups. It’s all there. On top of that Carducci sings in a style and range similar to Nick Barrett so hence the similarities. There are hints of Genesis and Pink Floyd from various periods, they’re just little sounds or musical motifs but they add to the overall feel. That said neither of those bands used a Didgeridoo as you hear here on “The Quind” [9:23]. The other multi-part composition is “Alice’s Eerie Dream” [11:50] made up of three main segments. This is one of the more aggressive tunes on the disc featuring some searing guitar early in the song that may be vaguely familiar to fans of Dave Gilmour. But while there are influences it is the manner in which Carducci has put it all together that allows his music to very much stand as its own work.


Carducci’s photo on the promo piece shows him playing a double-neck guitar, bass and twelve string and if that doesn’t signal progressive rock I don’t know what would. The music he’s created on Oddity is thoroughly enjoyable. If you are a fan of discs such as Pendragon’s Masquerade Overture or bands like The Watch then I’d certainly recommend you check out the music of Franck Carducci. Recommended for fans of modern symphonic prog.