Band: Anomus

CD Title: ďAnomusĒ

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2011


Finland is perhaps not known for an abundance of progressive rock bands, but there are a number I could name. And now we can add one more to the list. The quintet Anomus has released their first full length CD and itís a self-titled release available as a digital download. The young band is made up of Toni Tikkanen (vocals), Antti Piikki (guitar), Ville Keinšnen (guitar, keyboards), Antti Paakki (bass) and Antto Hinkkanen (drums, percussion). The band has a little extra help from Mikko Sateila (background vocals) and Miitri Aaltonen (guitar). They create a progressive rock with the emphasis on modern rock although never prog-metal.


Anomus is composed of nine energetic tracks that prominently feature twin guitars and subtle keyboards. But while there may be some slight comparisons to bands like Wishbone Ash, the boys here have a lot of variety in their music where as one song might be more rocking in nature with dynamic musical changes inserted here and there, other songs will be a little more spacey or subdued and still offer musical change-ups. Everything tends to fit the overall feel of the song and they work within that framework. Like many young bands today Anomus has borrowed liberally from musical elements of rockís past and assembled them together in a very contemporary fashion; songs will start soft and suddenly be loud and rocking with huge crashing chords and drums propelling the tune over the rocky landscape. You have a very dynamic structure that is exciting and yet still melodic. When the music isnít being introspective itís loud and raucous.            


Anomusmusic is a style that will appeal to fans of bands as diverse as Porcupine Tree and Pineapple Thief and even perhaps ÖAnd you will know us by the Trail of Dead. Itís a great set of tunes that features plenty of musical scope and vision. Well worth the listen and Iíd recommend fans of the bands mentioned given them a listen, I think youíll enjoy what you hear.