Band: Brighteye Brison

CD Title: “The Magician Chronicles – Part 1”

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Label: Progress Records

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Release Date: 2011


By my count this is the fourth CD release from Swedish symphonic prog rockers Brighteye Brison not counting their first independent EP release. Like many of their compatriots, Brighteye Brison craft a symphonic prog that has a distinctly Scandinavian flavor although it must be said these guys do tend to favor more major chords than some others. The band consists of Linus Kåse (keyboards, saxophone, vocals), Per Hallman (keyboards, vocals), Johan Öijen (guitar), Kristofer Eng (bass, bass pedals, flute, vocals) and Erik Hammarström (drums). For those of you who take note of such things, this is a concept disc that picks up the sci-fi fantasy tale of Brison that was started on the disc Stories. 


With a total of only three tracks on The Magician Chronicles Part 1 you would be correct in assuming the compositions tend to be long and yet the band are not one to overstay their welcome as the complete running time of the CD is a very vinyl-like 43:47. Track one “The Rise of Brighteye Brison” [23:05] is the longest of the bunch and features all the prerequisite elements that constitute modern symphonic prog. We hear the music changing time and tempo throughout. The tune is made up of many shorter segments that weave in and out of the fantastic story line and yet like any accomplished prog it clearly sounds like one cohesive composition full of ever changing melodies. One of the more obvious musical elements of the music of Brighteye Brison, besides favoring a more major chord tone are the abundance of bright (no pun intended) multi-part harmonies. It’s a distinctive sound they create, given they have two players on keyboards and one of them providing saxophone as well. Their music is well played, tight and very dynamic. It also displays just enough quirkiness to appeal to a broad range of prog music fans.


I remember a buddy of mine coming over and raving about the band’s previous release Believers and Deceivers so my suspicion is that this new release is going to find a welcome home on many CD players around the world. It’s a tasty bit of symphonic prog that I have no hesitation in recommending to fans of the genre.  Check’em out I think you’ll like what you hear.