Band: Alias Eye

CD Title: “In-Between”

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Label:  ProgRock Records

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Release Date: 2012


This is the fourth release from German quintet Alias Eye and it shows them borrowing their current musical direction from their previous releases. Nothing on In-Between is overly long, much of it is melody driven, these are compositions of a more straight-forward nature, some with great crunchy guitar and yet there are plenty of proggy embellishments as well.  The band is made up of Tilmar Fischer (keyboards), Philip Griffiths (vocals), Ludwig Benedek (drums), Matthias Wurm (guitars) and Frank Fischer (bass). Careful observers will notice the name of the band’s vocalist and yes it is indeed Beggar’s Opera vocalist Martin Griffiths son Philip. And the vocal resemblance is quite captivating.


In-Between is made up of ten tracks most of which are in the four to five minute range. And yet, it’s what Alias Eye are able to do within that time frame that really counts and as such it’s quite deceptive because there’s more going on than sometimes meets the ear. So on the surface while a song may seem somewhat straight forward, there may be subtle shifts in musical direction or with the arrangement giving off an overall proggy feel. It’s the kind of thing that you notice after it’s done; that there seemed to be more going on than you realized at the time. The other thing that ads to this feeling is the cohesive nature of the compositions, leaving one with the impression that some of these songs were longer than they actually were. One of the more surprising tracks is “Time Machine” [5:42] from the second Beggars Opera disc Waters of Change, here featuring both father and son on vocals as well as some classic Mellotron sounds. Interestingly enough the song in no way sounds out of place, it fits well within the other compositions. A track like “Takes What’s Mine” [4:31] which starts off with some heavy power chords and then goes into electric piano, sounds a little bit like Supertramp and again that’s another good sonic reference point for the style of prog happening here. Having just listened to the first three Beggar’s Opera CD’s I’m struck by how similar in style much of the music here is to those releases.


In the end this is a great collection of songs that will have some definite appeal to fans of melodic prog. If you are into bands such RPWL or Sylvan you’ll certainly find much to enjoy with In-Between fromAlias Eye.