Band: Centric Jones

CD Title: ďThe Antikythera MethodĒ

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Label:  ProgRock Records

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Release Date: 2012


I think itís pretty amazing that there are still new musical sounds and styles being incorporated into the progressive rock genre. If you happen to think thatís not the case, I invite you to listen to the new release from Centric Jones entitled The Antikythera Method. Long-time prog fans will likely remember the CDís released under the band name Fonya created by Chris Fournier.Centric Jones is the continuation of his musical quest working with musical partner Tobe London and this is their second release. The eclectic music is created by Fournier (guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion), London (drums, percussion, keyboards) and Laurie Larson (vocals). Itís a warm and engaging set of tunes that won me over immediately.


The Antikythera Method features 12-tracks most of which are around the six-minute mark. There is a general moodiness, a kind of melancholy that pervades these tunes. Itís almost hypnotic, drawing you into a web of dreamy sinews. And even when the tunes pick-up in tempo or intensity, Larsonís soft and delicate vocals continue to draw you in. What keeps these compositions from simply being new-agey however is the ever-present sense of subtle angularity. The musical vibe move around a lot and one is never sure whatís around the next corner. These tunes ebb-and-flow from spacey cranium-catchers to gutsy guitar bursts and then all manner of wonderful piano in between. Iím reminded a little of Rob Reedís work in his side-project Chimpan A. Centric Jones weave some delicate melodies in and out of what might otherwise be intricate musical exercises. Itís those melodies that elevate these musical excursions to a higher level, sucking you into their musical vortex.


This is the kind of disc that will catch you off guard. Just when you think itís kind of ordinary, streams of Mellotron choirs will descend on your ears or a melody will start burrowing into your consciousness. Deceptively simple the music of Centric Jones is wonderful. If you are they type who feels youíve heard it all, Iíd recommend you check out The Antikythera Method.