Band: Cryptic Vision

CD Title: “Of Infinite Possibilities”

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Label: ProgRock Records

Release Date: 2012

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This is the third release for Cryptic Vision and the common wisdom is that a band usually has it all together for the third set. And that certainly seems to be the case here. Not that their first CD’s were off the mark, it’s just that here, with more time under their belts their musical and compositional chops are running on all eight cylinders. Hailing out of Florida the band is made up of Rick Duncan (drums, guitar, keyboards), Todd Plant (vocals, guitar), Sam Connable (bass, vocals), Timothy Keese (guitar, vocals) and Howard Helm (keyboards, vocals). It’s been five years since their last release and I think fans old and new will be happy that the wait is over.


Of Infinite Possibilities is part three of the trilogy and asks the big questions about the meaning of our existence. Each of the 11 compositions takes a different view, provides a different perspective on what the answer might be. Cryptic Vision is a band that writes songs and then arranges them in a complex and involved manner creating a lush symphonic prog that is uplifting. Wacky time signatures, check, loud and soft parts, check, busy and pastoral, check, grand and panoramic, check…it’s all here. Interestingly most of these songs hover around the four to five minute range (although they do all run together seamlessly) with only one a little over six-minutes and then the closing epic length twenty-minute “Infinite Possibilities”. Cryptic Vision is not a band to waste time being overly showy and yet this music is complex in its own way. Songs will start with grand flourishes, cascading crescendos that slide effortlessly into odd time signatures and then change-up into something else. A return to theme here or there keeps things interesting. Throughout the disc there’s great guitar and keyboard interplay all over this disc and a bit of excellent violin from David Ragsdale on the title track.


As I said before, I liked this band from the first time I heard them and they continue to get better and better with each outing. Of Infinite Possibilities is something they should be proud of. Symphonic prog fans or fans of bands like Spock’s Beard, Presto Ballet or Kansas will find plenty to enjoy and sing their teeth into. This is a great set of tunes and should have no trouble finding a soft-landing spot in your prog rock collection. Recommended.