Band: Adrian Benavides

CD Title: “Same Time Next Life”

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Label: Unsung Records

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Release Date: 2012


Wow…this is a powerful record, both in terms of lyrical content as well as musical construction. It is dense, industrial and shaded with all manner of sonic complexity. Same Time Next Life is actually the first release for multi-instrumentalist Adrian Benavideas. On the disc he has the musical assistance of Pat Mastelotto (drums) and Markus Reuter (touch guitar). This is kind of a musical soundtrack to a non-existent David Lynch film. .


There are only six tracks on Same Time Next Life but they’re all long and sonically experimental. The overall vibe is heavy, compressed guitars formed into an almost industrial noise. Distortion is everywhere, as is clipped engineering, sounds are tight and extreme. It’s a heavy feeling pretty-much from start to ending, from the angry subdued vocal delivery to the rage emanating from the musical performances. All of which is understandable once one learns the disc is a musical exploration of Benavides emotional state following the stillbirth of his daughter two years ago. It is as you might expect full of a sense of anguish and draining to listen to causing the listener to almost experience the same emotions. It seems somewhat pointless to talk about the musical intricacies of these compositions as so much of the sonic impact is painfully obvious. There are moments where the layers are peeled back to expose soft haunting moments of anguish but for the most part we experience a wall of sound that alternates from being oppressive and crushing to harsh and other-worldly.     


The music on Same Time Next Life is a very personal statement of musical expression; the tortured music of a man going through a painful experience. To that end it works and offers the listener not only a glimpse into Adrian Benavides soul, but also hints at a hopeful resolution in a future time. Fascinating.