Band: Dimension X

CD Title: “Implications of a Genetic Defense”

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Label: Unicorn Digital

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Release Date: 2007


The story lines of man versus technology run strong within the progressive rock genre. Perhaps the two most well know recordings being Rush’s 2112 and Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery. Well that theme keeps reappearing and mutating to suit the concerns of the day. That brings us to the new release from Dimension X entitledImplications of a Genetic Defense. A story about the potential moral quagmire that comes from messing with our genes and as the liner notes ask, “Will science derive wisdom from the religion is derides?” WOW! That got me hooked right there.


This American five-piece takes their name from a popular sci-fi radio program of the fifties and features the talents of Dave Hoover II (vocals), Jeff Konkol (keyboards), D.R. Burkowitz (bass) along with the two newest members Troy Stetina (guitars) and Edward Shapanske (drums, electronics). Guitar buffs will no doubt recognize Stetina’s name from his column in Guitar One Magazine.


The Implications of a Genetic Defense features 13 tracks which include both straight forward musical compositions alongside shorter connecting musical elements that incorporate voice and sound effects. The actual songs range anywhere from three to thirteen minutes with the many running about six or seven. The music itself tilts pretty strongly towards the prog-metal genre with the guitar work taking the prominent spot throughout the disc. But that’s not to say the keyboards are buried. They surface effectively throughout providing some nice counterpoint to the heavier moments. Many times over the course of the CD the keyboards provide melodic thematic transitions, sometimes as a solo instrument such as piano and other times as orchestral pads. The tone is decidedly dark and intense very much matching the seriousness of the subject matter. And while not every song is overly complex, a good many of them change time and tempo in a heartbeat and the arrangements provide a thick foundation from start to finish.


Lyrically the band have written the pieces in a relatively easy to follow story line, where each song relates an event or episode while the shorter compositions as mentioned will create atmosphere using simulated Television news reports or characters comments that bleed into the next composition. Like the inspiration for their name, the fifties radio program, Dimension X employ sound, dialog and lots of music to take us through the story line.


It would be too easy to casually dismiss this work as being simply prog metal but I believe there is much more going on here than first meets the ears. The music has a lot to offer fans of many other progressive genres. As a sonic reference point think of the music of artists like Ayreon mixed with a little Dream Theatre. My guess is Dimension X will appeal to both crowds. On top of that I loved the fact the subject matter provides thinking minds lots to ponder. Great job.