Band: Delirium

CD Title: ďIl Nome del VentoĒ

Band Website:   

Label: Black Widow Records


Release Date: 2009


Itís hard to believe that a band whose last recording was released in 1975 can come back after over 30 years and deliver a great recording, but thatís exactly what we have here with Il Nome del Vento from Delirium. After the release of Delirium III in 1975, an album thatís become a classic of Italian Symphonic prog, the band, like so many others disappeared. Their return to the progressive rock music scene is great news, but more than that their new release, their fourth studio recordingIl Nome del Vento is simply stunning!


All the classic elements are here, lush symphonic arrangements, Mellotron, exciting jazzy interludes, complex song structures and musical performances, all enhanced with a string quartet. And itís a concept album no less. There are eleven tracks here, including one bonus cut, most of which are in the six-minute range, a few shorter and only one that is longer [9:40]. But the truth is most of the classic Italian music of the seventies was never very long. There seems to be an innate ability to instill the most in shorter compositions using both classical and contemporary structures to create music that is both melodic and complex. Speaking of melody there are some great moments sprinkled throughout this disc; parts of songs where you just Ďsmileí at how perfect that particular melody is or how perfect that segment is arranged. As you go through the disc, every instrument is allowed a moment to shine in a solo setting. Itís never overdone, but provides just enough to keep you coming back for more. The music goes from full and lush, moving melodically from segment to segment and then slides into a slower voice and saxophone solo before changing yet again to feature a cool jazzy-combo approach before giving us a dramatic symphonic climax.


Ever since they released the live disc back in 2007 which came with the news Delirium were working on new material, I have been waiting patiently. Would it hold up after all these years? Well let me tell you, the wait is over and Delirium have delivered a classic. Not only have they not lost their musical edge, itís expanded and become even better. It is everything that was great about the classic seventies sound, but blended with a totally modern prog sensibility. Il Nome del Vento has earned a place on my favorites of 2009 list and I highly recommend it to fans old and new.