Band: Ex-Vagus

CD Title: ďDream Object 5Ē

Band Website:

Label: Independent Release

Release Date: 2009


I was very excited to hear of the new release from the French quintet Ex-Vagus and waited patiently for Dream Object 5 to hit my mailbox because Iíd really enjoyed their last release entitled Ames Vagabondes. These guys hail out of Grenoble and came into being in 1995. As before the lineup consists of Dominique Barboyon (keyboards), Eric Vedovati (vocals), Thierry Lesaffre (drums), Loic Consolin (bass) and Xavier Le-Loupp (guitar) their musical sound is very reminiscent of the great French bands such as Ange or Atoll but thereís also some elements of the Mexican band Cast here as well particularly in the vocal style. Put it all together and you have some very nice symphonic prog that mixes elements of the classic bands with modern sounds. 


Dream Object 5 consists of seven compositions coming in at around 66-minutes of music. Most of the compositions are longer, three of them over 10-minutes each. Each of these pieces of music displays all the prog hallmarks. A piece will start out with a musical theme that establishes a melody and time signature and then in the blink of an eye the music changes to a grand swell of orchestration building the tension and then just as quickly changes direction. Then before you know it the band has returned to the opening melodies. Weíre treated to lots of swelling crescendos and very satisfying climaxes. Itís great stuff. Speaking of melodies, Ex-Vagus manages to infuse some very tasty hummable moments throughout this disc, which is quite amazing given the musical gymnastics some of these pieces go through. In amongst all of this all instruments get a serious workout, sometimes a keyboard solo, or a searing guitar lead, all of which is laid on top of a pretty solid rhythm section. Each of the seven tracks follows a similar pattern and yet each one holds a distinct sound and feel. Lyrics this time are in English, but the vocalization has a distinct French feel, there is still a certain theatrical approach on display.


Thereís no question that if you enjoyed the bandís previous musical efforts Dream Object 5 will be a welcome addition to your collection. For those of you who havenít had a chance to hear the band, what are you waiting for? If you enjoy symphonic prog band that isnít afraid to pay homage to the greats of yesteryear but creates music that is firmly grounded in today, Ex-Vagus is the band. They get my highest recommendation.