Band: Eloy

CD Title: ďVisionaryĒ

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Label: Laserís Edge Records

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Release Date: 2010


I donít know about you, but I find it a little comforting to see progressive rock bands from the early days still out there making music. Some may be cynical about it, but Iím not. Iím just happy to keep hearing the music, music like Eloyís new release Visionary. If you liked the band then, you gotta like them now. These days the group consists of the ever present founder Frank Bornemann (vocals, guitars), long-time member Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass) and relative new recruits Michael Gerlach (keyboards) and Bodo Schopf (drums). Special note is made to Hannes Folberth for the additional keyboards on four of the tracks.


What we have here are seven compositions, three around seven-minutes, a couple around four-minutes and one nine-minuter. I find the music of Eloy to be like a comfy pair of shoes, I know what to expect in a general sense but compositionally the music is still full of surprises. The familiarity has a lot to do with Bornemannís vocals certainly but in addition to that there has been a pleasant on-going connectedness to the music of Eloy. They started out a little more spacey, moved into a period with more of a keyboard emphasis which then shifted to heavier guitars to today where the arrangements place an equal emphasis on both. There are still tiny hints of Pink Floyd-ish sounds like the guitar strums opening ďThe SecretĒ [7:45] as well as itís solid mid-tempo rhythm and repeating vocal echoes. Make no mistake though, this is Eloy through and through with some brilliant melodic lines that are repeated, building and building in grandeur. The keyboards provide a very pleasing wall of string and flute sounds with an ever present set of synth chimes that match the vocal lines. I find it absolutely mesmerizing. And then it getís even better with ďAge of InsanityĒ [7:56] a little rockier with a cool analog sounding synth line that supports one of the best set lyrical lines ever to come from Bornemannís pen.


As I said at the top, if you liked the music of Eloy back then, Iím pretty sure youíll find much to enjoy on Visionary. While the overall sound has been updated and certainly sounds technically very modern, there is no question it features all the right Eloy sonic spacey, symphonic landmarks. The disc I have also features a great twelve-minute video featuring the band in the studio working on the disc. This is a great record and thereís no question it should be in your collection.