Band: Edifice

CD Title: “Arc Mentis”

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Label: Independent Release

Label Website:

Release Date: 2012


Hailing out of Colorado Springs is an exciting new quartet calling themselves Edifice. Their first independently released CD is entitled Arc Mentis. Members are Brendan Brossard (bass, Warr guitar), Joshua Baumgartner (drums), Ryan Lewis (guitars, vocals) and Adrian Johnson (violin, cello). As they juggle any number of musical side-projects, Edifice has become their focus. The music they create is one part prog and one part psychedelic. Put it together and it’s a pretty unique musical vision.


We have just over 30-minutes of music on Arc Mentis, so I guess it’s really more of an EP but it has some really engrossing music on display. Everything starts off with the instrumental “Verbosity” [4:09] and you immediately begin to hear the strange mixture of influences. Starting off with soft strumming, the drums cascade in and the guitar lines become more prominent then the bass guitar appears and then lastly the cello. Then it’s an ocean of sounds moving in and out with each taking a share of the spotlight. The prog influences may seem on the fridge, but there is a real prog feel that influences the arrangements. Songs will change intensity and sometimes more. The violin and cello certainly add a nice touch as they’re not just for decoration, but are very much a part of the band’s core sound. The other prime sonic reference point, that isn’t even mentioned in the band’s media material, is psychedelic. Take a song like “Myelinate” [6:21] that starts off with a muted drumming patter before all the instruments come crashing in. The song becomes almost drone like as it trades time with buzzing guitars and almost chanted vocals. That psych feel is even more prominent on the trance-like “Open Door” [3:48]. It’s a great mix of vibes. Different.   


Arc Mentis is not your average prog release, but then what is these days. The musicianship is strong and the ideas are refreshing. Edifice has done themselves proud with this first release and I’d encourage you to check it out. I’m hoping it’s a sign of more good things to come.