Band: Glass Hammer

CD Title: “IF”

Band Website: 

Label: Arion Records

Release Date: 2010


After a brief hiatus releasing a CD of, shall we say more accessible material, Glass Hammer are back with a superb symphonic prog release entitledIF. Not only that but they’ve shuffled up the lineup which adds an additional sonic flavour to their already diverse musical pallet. Still revolving around the core of Steve Babb (bass, keyboards, backing vocals) and Fred Schendel (keyboards, steel guitar, mandolin, backing vocals) the band now is made up of Alan Shikoh (guitars), Randall Williams (drums) and Jon Davison (vocals). We’re treated here to a more Yes flavoured sound on IF, a disc featuring sixty-six minutes of some classic Glass Hammer music.


There are six tracks on IF and most of them are on the longish side. We’re looking at three of the compositions around the ten-minute mark and then there’s the epic “If The Sun” clocking in at 24:02. And throughout the disc, the keyboards reign supreme. Shikoh’s jazz-textured guitar playing is certainly present but it’s there in a very subtle manor and more than a few times hearkens back to a style made popular by Steve Howe. That particular Yes influence is made even more obvious by Davison’s high-tenor vocals. This is a very different sound for Glass Hammer. The hooks and melody lines are nicely embedded into these compositions making welcome respites during the course of all the busy musical change-ups. And make no mistake these are classic symphonic prog pieces that feature all the prerequisite elements. One of the things I noticed right off the bat after the first listen, is that while there are many times where the music builds in intensity or power this is not a loud or raucous album. Rather it’s very smooth and tempered. There are no musical outbursts and the crunchy guitars are left outside the studio. Instead the music on IF is warm and inviting, full of Hammond organ, Mellotron washes and analog sounding synths.


For those of you familiar with Glass Hammer, IF, while sounding a little different will be a welcome addition to the library. Count me as a fan, I love this disc and it’s without question one of my favorites of 2010. At the risk of repeating myself, Glass Hammer continue to outdo themselves and really know how to deliver the goods. Once again, this is symphonic progressive rock of the highest order and gets my highest recommendation.