Band: The Intersphere

CD Title: “Intersperes><atmospheres”

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Label:  ProgRock Records

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Release Date: 2010


I haven’t heard much lately that I might slip into the Alt Prog category until I heard The Intersphere. This is a German band that’s been around since 2006. Their new disc is called interspheres><atmospheres and is the kind of prog made popular by bands such as Muse but here you need to add a little bit of Pineapple Thief and Mutemath. This is very modern prog, with plenty of up-tempo riffs and melodies. The quartet is made up of Christoph Hessler (vocals), Thomas Zipner (guitar), Sebastian Wagner (bass) and Morritz Muller (drums). This is a young band not tied to just a narrow musical vision and not afraid to look for musical expression outside of the contemporary expectations. The band’s musical style is full of loud bits and soft passages and pounding musical accents and it makes for some infectious listening. I was hooked after just one listen


Interspheres><Atmospheres is made up of 12 tracks, most of which are shorter, however with the way the tracks are arranged and strung together there is a sense the compositions are longer than they actually are. The band’s musical approach is clearly to craft catchy songs and then embellish them with proggy riffs or arrange them in a more complex fashion. That said, they’re not afraid to completely shift a tune such as “Ghostwriter” [4:04] which goes from very driving uptempo into the final 45-seconds which becomes moody and atmospheric. This then slides into “Snapshot” [4:09] which starts out slower but then builds at the chorus to something quite intense. Virtually all these songs are crafted in a similar fashion, each containing soft and delicate parts that are blasted apart with very catchy melodies at the chorus. Think about the last Pineapple Thief and you’ll know what I mean. While there are plenty of musical shifts in time and tempo, there is an overriding sense of drive or intensity to each of these songs. Songs will start off soft and haunting and then crash into loud staccato crescendos. The playing is tight and furious.  


Hey I couldn’t help but like what I heard on The Intersphere. Partially because I like the other bands mentioned here. I love the way they play with the dynamic range of their music. It’s a pretty safe bet if you like the modern prog created by bands like Muse or Pineapple Thief, then your gonna like the music oninterspheres><atmospheres. It’s catchy, it’s hummable and yet it’s also got a lot of musical depth. It’s quickly become a favorite of mine. I’m recommending you give them a listen.