Band: In The Labyrinth

CD Title: ďOne Trail to HeavenĒ

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Label: Trail Records

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Release Date: 2011


Sometimes there is a very fine line between where Psychedelic stops and Progressive Rock starts. Sometimes there is no line at all. Take for example this specially prepared compilation from Swedenís In the Labyrinth entitled One Trail to Heaven. The band is essentially the duo of Peter Lindahl on various instruments such as keyboards and exotic-stringed things and Hakan Almkvist on Sitar, E-bow guitar, bass and tabla. Together they enlist the support of ten otherís on various tracks to create a dreamy, melodic set of compositions that will certainly appeal to fans of either genre.


With just a tick under a hourís worth of music here, these 13 tracks are an eclectic mix of styles and influences but the overriding sense of direction is one of Middle Eastern and Asian vibes: loads of sitar, tablas, flutes, zither, Spanish acoustic guitar, and even a saz. Thatís not to mention the Mellotron, violin, and electric guitars that show up from time to time. Itís a mix of instrumental and vocals with tracks taken from four or five different earlier releases and a couple of unreleased tracks to make it special. The sound is at times ethereal, dreamy, and then itís also very worldly with various ethic influences. Itís a softer melodic styled prog that will have some reference points in the work of Mike Oldfield, Gandalf and even Eris Pluvia.  In the end I think In the Labyrinth avoid falling into the New Age category because their compositions tend to me more complex. Certainly the arrangements create a greater sense of depth and structure and while the floating vocals or trippy sonic landscapes are all over these tunes, there are also many times where the music does some interesting change-ups.


The music of In the Labyrinth might make some pleasant background playing, but itís actually much more than that.One Trail to Heaven presents an intriguing blend of contemporary ethnic influences that stay with you long after the disc is out of the player. As I say, this is the kind of thing that will appeal to fans of many genres. Well worth checking out.