Band: It Bites

CD Title: “Map of the Past”

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Label: InsideOut Music

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Release Date: 2012


The revived musical career of It Bites seems to be going from strength to strength and with the release of their latest CD Map of the Past it would appear they’re going to take another giant leap forward. Everything about this disc hits the right notes.It Bites today consists of John Beck (keyboards, vocals), Bob Dalton (drums, vocals), Lee Pomeroy (bass) and of course John Mitchell (guitars and lead vocals). Map of the Past would appear to be a set of tunes linked thematically around the cover photograph something which the liner art seems to reinforce. The songs themselves are vague enough to allow for multiple interpretations or simply casual listening.


Map of the Past is essentially this incarnation’s second release and is made up of eleven tracks, none of which is overly long; everything here is more or less in the four, five or six minute range and yet each of these tunes has much musicality on display. Take for example “Wallflower” [4:40] which offers keyboard solos, piano interludes, time and tempo changes and one of the best hook lines I’ve heard in a long time. I couldn’t stop singing it over and over in my head. And that seems to be the way withIt Bites, they don’t seem to need longer compositions to put their craft on display. Each tune is first and foremost a hummable song of some sort and then around that melody they work their magic. Perhaps it’s my ears playing tricks on me, but whenever I listen toIt Bites I still hear echoes of the eighties; take for example  “Flags” [4:37] little hooks here or there or a musical motif of some sort all of which I find quite enjoyable and even a bit nostalgic. For me this is the kind of disc I can put on over and over again. I guess it’s because of the melodies that run through these tunes; I never get tired of listening to them. Then when you throw in all the little musical bits it’s a winner.


As I indicated before the music created by It Bites will appeal to fans of bands like Frost* or Kino, although they are not as complicated as the former they are more so than the latter. I’d say It Bites strikes the right balance for fans of modern symphonic influenced prog. Recommended.