Band: Miriodor

CD Title: “Avanti!”

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Label: Cuneiform Records

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Release Date: 2009


Many prog fans will be delighted to see that the Montreal based quartet Miriodor are back with a new recording entitledAvanti! These guys have cultivated an extremely loyal fan base for their adventurous instrumental prog style. Miriodor consists of Bernard Falaise (guitars, bass, mandolin, banjo, keyboards), Pascal Globensky (keyboards), Remi Leclerc (drums), and Nicolas Masino ( bass, keyboards) plus they call upon Pierre Labbe (saxophone), Marie-Chantal Leclair (saxophone) and Maxime St-Pierre (trumpet) for some additional musical accents.


The seven compositions on Avanti! are all on the long side, the shortest being about six and half minutes so as you might expect with Miriodor there will be a lot going on musically and you would be right. Compositions will start in one fashion, build a quirky melody, display some intense rock aggression before sliding into a jazzy saxophone interlude. When you listen to their brand of RIO inspired Avant-prog be prepared to stretch your concept of melody. Here there are multiple melody lines flying all the time. The music itself is rarely dirge like, it’s mostly upbeat and in a strange way quite “happy” sounding. My guess is this comes from the fact these guys just really love to perform together. They have described their music “Like a soundtrack for a movie, a movie with weird and strange stories,” and that really makes the point. Their instrumental approach is full of polyrhythm’s and instrument counter-point so at times their music gets quite busy almost frenetic and yet rarely is it dissonant; angular yes, but dissonant – not so much. Still you will need to keep your musical wits about you as each of these seven compositions will take you a wild and bumpy ride.


RIO or Avant-Prog is not everyone’s cup of tea, but let me suggest to you, that if you are looking to sample this adventurous genre Miriodor would be a great place to start your exploration. Their music for the most part continues to be built on a rock model which is then extrapolated any number of bonus musical directions, but within that they never fail to return to the core. On top of that the music on Avanti!  is just downright fun to listen to. It’s clearly the type of music that gets better with each listen.