Band: Mew

CD Title: “No More Stories”

Band Website:

Label: Columbia Records

Label Website:

Release Date: 2009


I would venture to bet that more people will be familiar with the music of Muse than would be familiar with the music of the Danish trio called Mew. Every so often I come across a band where quoting from their website covers a lot of ground…that’s what I’m doing here to describe Mew: “On their fifth album, Mew pushes their artfully weird and epic sound-labyrinthine arrangements of overlapping, unexpected harmonies and sugary heaven-bound vocals-into a warm, accessible collection of songs with more stick-in-your-head hooks than words in it's extensive album title.” The reference to the long title refers to the fact it’s actually 23 words long…I’ve applied some judicious editing referring to it simply as No More Stories.


These guys cover lots of ground with their art-pop, proggy embellishments and quirky compositions. There are 14 tracks here including a couple of link-tracks at around a minute with the longest song running out to seven-minutes. This is music that is layered and then layered again, featuring high-pitched vocals and masses of choir-styled vocals. Some of the songs blend into one another, while others simply end. But you come away from listening to these compositions as having experienced a kind of grand symphonic and heavily orchestrated performance. There are times where they rock such as with “Repeaterbeater” [2:34] and other times where the music is quite ethereal and heavenly. I’m reminded at times of the French duo Air although the music of Mew tends to be more breezy, fun, happy and upbeat. There are many moments of sonic experimentation as sounds will come crashing down creating musical accents in the most unexpected places. The musical arrangements place layers upon layers creating dense sonic pallets with memorable melody lines showing up around every corner.


If you enjoy the music of bands such as Muse or some of the others who might be considered Art-rock or Art-pop, I’m thinking you’ll enjoy the music of Mew. While not as rocky as Muse, Mew projects a musical direction that is quite unique and certainly pleasing, at least to my ears. Give No More Stories a try; you might just like it.