Band: David Minasian

CD Title: “Random Acts of Beauty”

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Label:  ProgRock Records

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Release Date: 2010


I can’t think of too many artists that take a 26 year break between releases, but that’s exactly what David Minasian did. His previous CD came out in 1984 and then he got involved doing all kinds of others things involving music and video. It’s true that finding a welcome home for prog is difficult at the best of times, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Minasian waited until now to give us his second symphonic prog release entitled Random Acts of Beauty. I’d say the wait has been worth it. On the disc multi-instrumentalist Minasian (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, orchestrations) is joined by his son Justin (guitars) and Guy Pettet (drums). He also has as a special guest Camel’s Andrew Latimer providing vocals and guitar on the CD’s opening track “Masquerade” [12:32]. This is a wonderful disc of symphonic progressive rock that touches all the right marks old and new.


Random Acts of Beauty features seven tracks most of which are on the longish side. The overall musical feel will remind you of early Moody Blues or Barclay James Harvest and perhaps a little Camel. The songs are on the mellow side with lots of Mellotron and soaring guitar lines. The Mellotron in particular in the way it’s played and recorded evokes that Moody Blues feel. These compositions move effortlessly through various moods and feelings and where the vocals appear they’re layered with an emphasis on multi-tracked harmonies. That said, because these are mostly longer pieces the vocals don’t seem to intrude much at all and the listener is treated to some very warm and majestic instrumental passages in these compositions.  


All in all David Minasian has really captured a mood here. The lush orchestrations building up some classic guitar and synth lead lines is both nostalgic and forward looking in that it really doesn’t in any way sound dated. Fans of bands such as Barclay James Harvest, Moody Blues, or Camel will I think find much to enjoy here. Random Acts of Beauty is a really good disc, thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.