Band: Loving the Sun

CD Title: ďThe Path of LoveĒ

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2011


This is the fifth CD release from the German band Loving the Sun and itís entitled The Path of Love. In many ways if follows up on previous releases projecting a kind of ďhome-spunĒ feel. The thing thatís most different this time around is the large cast of music makers. Founder and multi-instrumentalist Joe Weninghoff has surrounded himself with quite an assortment of vocalists and musicians. On vocals are; Alev Cetinyilmaz, Christina Pollmann and Andrea Heukamp as well as Juliane Buker and Mary Craven. Then additional musicians include; Alfredo Hernandez, Uwe Hasenkox, Marco Platzer and Anke Christoffers.  Itís relaxed affair with a strong psychedelic Pink Floyd vibe.     


The Path of Love presents eleven tracks ranging in length from 4:30 to 9:30 but while some of the longer tracks might offer the opportunity for some musical meandering Loving the Sun choose a different path. Sure there are some starts and stops or subtle changes in time and tempo; but this is music that is very folk inspired as well so the overall feel is more organic and earthy. The electric instruments are there to provide the foundation but it is the acoustic instruments that leave the more lasting impressions. The keyboards especially are still used to provide long-held notes underpinning many of these compositions.   The host of female vocalists, who by the way wrote most of the lyrics, come in and out providing harmonies or vocal tones where words arenít required. There is also a bit of a country-music feel that runs through the disc, most likely the result of the style of acoustic guitar playing and the tone of the vocalists. This is particularly evident on a track like ďFriendshipĒ [5:22].


Loving the Sun has built a following with their hypnotic style of music; a music that can become almost trance like. On The Path of Love they donít entirely leave that behind, but itís a part of their musical pallet that has certainly taken a back-seat. Instead this is a collection of warm and inviting tunes with more of pop influence. Some of their sonic hallmarks remain in the background, but itís clear the band is making an attempt to move in a different direction. Itíll be interesting to see if their fan-base follows them on their journey.