Band: This Misery Garden

CD Title: “Another Great Day on Earth”

Band Website:

Label: ProgRock Records


Release Date: 2009


This is the first official release for the Geneva based This Misery Garden. It’s entitledAnother Great Day on Earth. And right off the top some of you are going to be asking the obvious question, are these guys in any way considered prog rock? And I guess the obvious answer is, that depends on where you draw your prog boundaries. Certainly the title track, “Another Great Day on Earth” [5:00] and even the second “Vermillion River” [4:54] hold a lot in common with the work of bands such as Porcupine Tree. Inherent in the music is a pleasant mix of loud and soft musical dynamics mixed with some sparkling and intriguing melodies. When the harmony vocals come in the compositions are elevated to another level. They take on a rich full texture that is quite appealing. And it also makes the more meaty, aggressive moments that much more contrastingly satisfying.


The quintet calledThis Misery Garden consists of twin guitars, bass, drums and vocals. What we have here with Another Great Day on Earth are 14-tracks all in the three-to-five minute range that will find a nice home on any modern rock playlist. Let me clarify, modern rock with hints of proggy embellishments. The tunes all feature some intricate arrangements where layers of electric guitars will slide away making room for acoustic guitars. And just when things start to sound a little samey the band open up a new box of tricks such as “Rejection Song” [5:30]. One of their most intriguing tracks is “Instant Recoil” [5:54] which starts of in a more somber style with a long introduction preceding the hollow echoing vocals. The tune itself is one that’s more low key and mid tempo but full of edgy atmosphere. You just wait for something to explode as the tension is built; which it sort of does around the four and half minute mark. Nice.


If you enjoy the music of the bands such as Porcupine Tree or much of what’s heard on today’s modern rock radio, aggressive guitar based rock, then my guess is you’ll appreciate the work of This Misery Garden…the tunes on Another Great Day on Earth have a funny way of burrowing into your brain and making a nice comfy home there. There is much to enjoy and appreciate here.