Band: Stevegane Project

CD Title: ďWhen the Time is a PresentĒ

Band Website:

Label: Musea Records


Release Date: 2012


There is rich legacy for instrumental compositions in the prog community. There are even some who go so far as to feel that lyrics simply get in the way of good music. Those people especially will be pleased to listen to this new disc from Stevegane Project entitled When The Time is A Present. Multi-instrumentalist Stevegane has been  working with other musicians for years and felt it was time to create his own personal musical vision and hence this disc was created. Fans of instrumental symphonic progressive rock will want to pay attention.


When The Time is A Present consists of five instrumental tracks, four of which are on the lengthy side, ranging from 12 to 22-minutes. The compositions are long and involved affairs incorporating many shifts in time and tempo and the arrangements are quite fluid as well. There is an overall smoothness to the music that is very reminiscent of bands like Camel or artists like Mike Oldfield. As a solo project Iíd give it high marks for avoiding a sameness. Each of these tracks manages somewhat of a distinct feel even though they go through multiple musical change-ups. The bio material talks about influences such as Pink Floyd and Yes and these have been incorporated quite well and donít really stick out in anyway. Stevegane has honed his craft exceedingly well. The other influence mentioned is Rush and itís one I donít hear coming through in the music at all. The music as I say is quite smooth, rich at times even lush with layers of keyboards. The sound is full and ever-changing. But note, there are no guitar histrionics here, the lead and melody lines are well crafted and very pleasurable to listen to.       


If you are a fan of symphonic prog, Stevegane Project will certainly be a welcome addition to your collection. Thereís a lot of great music here that Iíd easily recommend it to the wider prog community as well. Released on Musea Records, a company well established for choosing quality acts, When The Time is a Present certainly continues that tradition. Itís well worth checking out.