Band: We Are the City

CD Title: ďIn a Quiet WorldĒ

Band Website:   

Label: Independent Release

Release Date: 2009


We are the City is a trio from Kelowna, BC Canada which these days is quite a hot bed for musical talent. This is the second proggy band from those parts Iíve discovered and its great stuff. The bandís first release is entitled In a Quiet World and is a disc that hearkens back to progís glory days all the while looking straight ahead. In fact these guys donít know what it means to look back. We are the City is made up of Cayne McKenzie (vocals, keyboards), David Menzel (guitar) and Andrew Huculiak (drums).


There are eleven songs on In a Quiet World and all of them are about three-to-four minutes in length but itís what these guys do with those precious minutes thatís pretty amazing. Each song is jam packed with little musical accents, tempo changes, dynamic arrangements, starts and stops, dense musical crescendos and soft ambient contemplative breaks. Quite honestly you just never know whatís around the next musical corner. There are echoes of Radiohead, Coldplay, Mew, Keane, Muse and a host of others. But none of that really matters since We are the City craft their own musical direction. Songs slide effortlessly from pounding drums, to driving musical stabs to anthemic choruses to staccato motifs. This is a trio on a musical mission to bend some rules and stuff as much as they can into their music. Most of the music is upbeat although there are moments of melancholy too. And whatís amazing to me is that they do all of this and still craft a very catchy melody at the same time. There are so many musical highlights here; I couldnít begin to pick a favorite track.


Itís pretty exciting to see so much new music that displays such an affinity for the progressive rock genre. We are the City are a real treasure and if youíre a fan of any of the bands mentioned or other art-rock outfits like Bend Sinister or Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears then youíll really like this band. In a Quiet World hits all the right notes and lots of them! I highly recommend We are the City.