Band: Zweiton

CD Title: “form”

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Label: Unsung Records

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Release Date: 2012


Complex music is not for everyone. My wife does not share my interest in this style; she calls it spooky, probably because of the minor notes, minor chords and angularity. And I must admit there times when even I find it a challenge to listen to more adventurous music. However I was pleasantly surprised at the music of Zweiton. Actually I found the music quite exhilarating. Consisting of Alexander Dowerk (touch guitar, electronics, programming), Alexis Paulus (drums, percussion, electronics, programming), Udo Dzierzanowski (acoustic guitar on “Licht”), Roland Vanecek (tuba on “Licht”) and Andrea Sanz Vela (viola on “Sand” and “Els”) there is some really great music here that is best described as experimental progressive rock.


The six tracks on form are all longer apart from the two-minute opener “Sand”. What that means here is that these tunes are full of musical dynamics and skittering twists and turns. It is easy to lose track of the musical change-ups. In fact until a good number of listens, with so much going on it’s easy to lose track of what piece you are listening to. These are all instrumental compositions that feature some intricate performances: things will be flowing in one direction only to turn on a dime and go somewhere else. Lots of stops and starts and staccato segments, but what hold everything together are some absolutely fabulous melodic punctuating riffs and great sounds. The fascinating sounds of the touch-guitar mixed with the electronics create sonic atmospheres that are just amazing. Tunes will seem to be scattering all over the place but with then coalesce into some grand flourishes and then that theme will drive the tune into the next segment. There are many musical accents that provide a major chord counterpoint to all the angularity and dissonance. I can’t recall the last time I heard music that hung together so well, offering something extremely challenging one moment and then something so emotionally satisfying the next. This is brilliant stuff.     


The music of Zweiton was a real surprise for me. A surprise because of how much I enjoyed it. Because of its complexity it offers a good shelf life, in that every time I put it on I hear something new. So if you are the type who likes their musical envelope pushed, or you’re looking for a listening challenge that really pays off, check form. I highly recommend it.