Band: A-J Charron

CD Title: Humouring gods

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Label: Azimuth Records

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Release Date: 2012


Out of Canada’s French Canadian province of Quebec comes another prog offering entitled Humouring gods from A-J Charron. Long known for his on-line contributions in regards to songwriting as well as authoring a book on being a songwriter, Charron has finally completed this self-produced and performed project that sees him performing on guitars, keyboards and programming. It’s a true one man band. Musically this is something that will certainly appeal to fans of the symphonic side of prog. 


Humouring gods is a set of compositions based on Greek mythology. The 50-minutes of music contained on the disc falls clearly in the classical side of things the only difference is that instead of traditional classical instrumentation we’re treated to guitars of all shapes and sizes, both electric and acoustic as well as some keyboards. But make no mistake the prime instrument here is the guitar. Not that this is a “rocky” disc, far from it. The classical structure is very strong and the arrangements are equally complex. The eight compositions each portray an element of the story line; some are lush and more orchestrated others depending on the story are more angular and dissonant. Six of these compositions are six-minutes or longer, which allows for a fair bit of musical change-ups, some more dramatic than others. Included are all manner of musical atmosphere, this is telling a very dramatic story of seduction, horror and revenge, so there’s bound to be lots of ups and downs.      


It strikes me that there are at least three distinct musical fans that will appreciate the music of A-J Charron. First would be fans of guitar and here I’m thinking Steve Hackett fans, they’ll find much to enjoy. Then there are followers of bands such as The Enid who will enjoy the more classical structure of these tunes. And then last but not least the wider symphonic prog fan, especially those who feed off the classical influence. While the music on Humouring gods, may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, kudos to A-J Charron for taking the time to craft a fine album.