Band: Ballo delle Castagne

CD Title: Surpassing all other Kings

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Label: Bloodrock Records

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Release Date: 2012


This is the third CD release from Ballo delle Castagne a band whose names roughly translates to The Chestnuts Ball. Entitled Surpassing all other Kings it shows the band placing more emphasis on the doomy side of their sound and yet there are some very quirky moments. This five member outfit has seen some personnel changes and is currently made up of Vinz Aquarian (voice, moog), Diego Banchero (bass), Roberto Lucanato (guitar), Davide Bruzzi (guitar) and Fernando Cherchi (drums). The sound is a bit of a departure from their previous release, incorporating more gothic elements.


Surpassing all other Kings features ten tracks all in the three or four minute range. This has never normally been a hindrance to Italian prog artists who seem to thrive in creating some very complicated music in very small packages. That’s almost the case here, although much of the music tends to be a little more measured, straight-forward and consistent. The overall tone takes its cue from heavy drum beats and sustained organ chords giving the music a dark and gothic feel. Some would call it doom-laden and perhaps that’s not far-off, although the music itself is not overly “heavy”. Then out of the blue they’ll come up with a rocking blues feel as in “Il Viaggio” [4:56] to shake things up. Then they’ll incorporate any number of psychedelic influences or looping electronics as in “Rorate Coeli” [3:40]. Overall the mood is eerie and just a bit haunting all with a kind of stage-production feel.


As on their previous release, although in a slightly different way the music of Ballo delle Castagne hearkens back to the early seventies. On the surface this may not sound like something that will appeal to a lot of prog fans, but there is plenty going in the music of Ballo delle Castagne to merit attention, especially for fans of that Black Widow catalog. If you count yourself in that group you would do well to check out the new album Surpassing all other Kings.