Band: The Custodian

CD Title: ďNecessary Wasted TimeĒ

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Label: Laserís Edge

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Release Date: 2013


This is the first musical offering from the new band The Custodian and itís quite a treat. The group formed in late 2012 and is made up of Richard Thomson (drums, vocals, synth), Michael Pitman (bass, vocals), Owain Williams (lead guitar) and Nariman Poushin (electro acoustic guitar). It is that last instrument that gives the band a very distinctive sound. The music on Necessary Wasted Time fairly rings with the sounds of acoustic guitar in a way Iíve not heard in quite some time. 


Necessary Wasted Time is made up of eight tracks with most of them on the longish side. That said we start with a rather tasty instrumental called ďThe Man Out of TimeĒ [3:28], itís the shortest song of the bunch, but still sets the tone for the bandís unique prog approach. A lilting guitar riff is accented by simulated sitar and the tune slowly rolls along building with intensity and before too long weíre treated to a great big Hammond Organ style series of chords, add to this a couple of subtle musical change-ups and then some recorded spoken word passages laid into the background and viola! The essence of that style is carried throughout the other tracks, a predominantly acoustic ring on guitars played with a fair bit of certainty and complexity. Sometimes they strum aggressively and sometimes they pick delicately but either way both guitarists play beautifully off each otherís style while the meaty organ chords lay up against the bass and drums providing the perfect foundation. This is so clear on a track like ďOtherís Peopleís LivesĒ [6:59] where the acoustic guitar dominates the first half of the track while the electric side takes over in the second half propelling the track into the stratosphere. Now for all the amazing guitar work we hear, thereís also some wonderful keyboard accents, be they as mentioned on organs or piano or synth that add just the right touch. Catchy musical melodies are everywhere as the music in the longer songs is arranged with a significant degree of complexity moving from one musical riff or motif to another.           


I realize that each of these guys has plenty of musical experience with other outfits but for being such a new unit they play with such a cohesiveness itís amazing. Necessary Wasted Time is a fresh new sound thatís not always easy to describe but for me, I like it a lot. Iíd highly recommend The Custodian to prog fans of all stripes. Thereís a lot of great music here!