Band: Il Cerchio d’Oro

CD Title: “Dedalo e lcaro”

Band Website:

Label: Black Widow Records


Release Date: 2013


In what seems like an effort to make up for lost time, Il Cerchio D’Oro are back with their third CD since 2006 and its entitled Dedalo e lcaro. If you recall these guys came on the Italian prog scene back in seventies but disbanded by 1979 having only ever released 3 short singles. Reformed in 2006 and consisting of Gino Terribile (drums, backing vocals), Giuseppe Terribile (bass, backing vocals), Franco Piccolini (keyboards), Roberto Giordana (guitars) and Piuccio Pradal (lead vocals, 12 string guitar) the musical sound here is instantly recognizable as classic Italian symphonic prog.


The eight tracks on Dedalo e lcaro clock out to a comfortable 48 minutes with tunes ranging in length from 4:15 all the way up to 9:06. Those familiar with the Italian style of the seventies will certainly know what to expect here; the music is classically inspired with elements of rock, folk and jazz interspersed throughout the playing. Melodies have always been important and here they are everywhere but even with that the band finds lots of room for musical virtuosity. Musical change-ups are everywhere as the music never stays in one place for very long. Solos appear on guitar, flute, keyboards on a regular basis; it seems the musical performance is every bit as important as the song being sung. Less prominent this time is the folk influence replaced with a bit more of a rockier edge to many of the compositions. Expect to hear lots of intriguing guitar and keyboard interplay interspersed with delicate harmonies and hummable melodies.


Il Cerchio D’Oro seem to be going from strength to strength with each release. While their sound has all the hallmarks of that classic seventies symphonic style, there isn’t a hint of sounding dated or stale. Instead the music on Dedalo e lcaro sounds fresh and very modern, delivering on the best of both the old and the new. If you already have a lot of music in your collection from bands such as PFM, and Le Orme you’ll definitely want to add this one. Highly recommended to fans of symphonic prog.