Band: Amaze Knight

CD Title: “The Key”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


Amaze Knight is heavy symphonic progressive rock band that hails from Turin Italy and The Key is their first release. The musical references are less classic Italian prog and more Dream Theater-ish prog metal, but all things considered they still bring references into their musical approach that expands the pallet somewhat. They started out as a duo in 2010, expanded to a quartet and most recently became a quintet with the addition of the keyboardist. Amaze Knight is made up of: Fabrizio Aseglio (vocals), Christian Dimasi (guitars, vocals), Max Tempia (keyboards), Matteo Cerantola (bass) and Michele Scotti (drums).  


As mentioned, the music on The Key lies in that fertile ground between heavy symphonic and progressive metal. The band avoids overuse of the double-kick-drum pitfall so the drums and bass provide substantial rhythmic bottom end rather than just stuttering noise. There are five tracks on the disc, all of them on the longish side featuring plenty of musical twists, turns, starts, stops and assorted musical gymnastics. Keyboards are actually quite prevalent in the mix providing more than just tuneful background. Sometimes guitars and keyboards play harmonic lead lines together, other times there’s some interesting call-and-response going on as they play against each other in almost counterpoint fashion. The guitars are good and crunchy, rich and full and the keyboards lend a grand scale to the proceeding with lush orchestration. Vocals are kept on an even keel avoiding excessive straining or over-reaching. Overall these compositions are quite involving offering lots of sonic dynamics going from loud to soft and inserting many musical change-ups and scorching riffs along the way.   


The music of Amaze Knight will have a built in audience with the prog-metal crowd as their sound will be instantly recognizable but symphonic fans will find much to appreciate and enjoy on The Key. On the heavy side, sure, but there’s lots of musicality going on underneath the surface. The Key is a very satisfying listen with more than a few surprises. Worth checking out for sure.