Band: Corvus Stone

CD Title: “Corvus Stone”

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Label: Melodic Revolution Records

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Release Date: 2013


What started out as nothing more than a musical project has coalesced into something more of a band made up of artists from different parts of the planet. This is the first CD release for Corvus Stone a band made up of three core members; Pasi Koivu (keyboards), Colin Tench ( guitars) and Petri Lemmy Lindström (bass, various instruments) along with musical input from: Robert Wolff (drums), Blake Carpenter (vocals), Stef Flaming (guitars, vocals), John Culley (guitars) and Victor Tassone (drums). It’s an eclectic set of tunes that takes a few plays to get into but it’s worth the effort.


Corvus Stone packed about as much music as they could on an eighty-minute CD clocking in at 79-minutes and there’s a little bit of everything here. In fact with 21 tracks I was actually looking for the “kitchen sink” but didn’t find it. What I did find were tunes, some as short as a minute or so, a bunch around four or five minutes and a couple that were longer. Some tracks mixed into one another, others didn’t. Some tracks seemed nothing more than an interesting idea that in the end went nowhere and others came across as more complete songs. We hear both acoustic and electric guitars, various synthesizers and keyboards, lots of instrumental interplay with music that sometimes gives off a bluesy vibe and other times simply creates moody atmosphere. Nothing is as simple as it seems so while some songs end naturally, others fade out and some seem to be cut-off prematurely. Some of the compositions come across as loose jam sessions while others are clearly more structured complete songs. While there are some gritty guitar sections, it’s not overly heavy stuff, falling perhaps slightly more in to the melodic prog genre with distinct blues influence.


Corvus Stone seem most interested in throwing as much music against the wall as they can to see what sticks. It’s an interesting approach and every so often a gem shines through. In some ways the music of Corvus Stone creates its own little mini-movie with its own ebb and flow of emotions. If you are looking for something completely different with a distinct proggy vibe I’d recommend you check them out.