Band: Aisles

CD Title: 4:45AM

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Label: Presagio Records

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Release Date: 2013


This is the third album from the Santiago, Chili based band Aisles and its entitled 4:45AM. The band formed in 2001 released their first album in 2005 and a second in 2009, as one might expect gaining musical experience and inspiration along the way. The current line-up consists of: Germán Vergara (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Felipe Candia (drums, percussion), Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitars, vocals), Sebastian Vergara (lead vocals), Alejandro Meléndez (keyboards) and Daniel Baird-Kerr (bass). The band have the classic prog influences of both Yes and Genesis with a few others thrown in for good measure as such their music is more than a little on the symphonic prog side of things.    


4:45AM runs about 55-minutes and is made up of 10 tracks of varying lengths. The band’s influences tend to pop up every now and then, a little bit of something like Genesis here, a little something Yes there and then something Pink Floyd but overall, when you listen to the complete package it’s all blended together extremely well. In fact the music of Aisles comes off as very pleasing and well crafted. It’s also played very well, with hints of some great eighties sounds thrown in for good measure, especially on “Shallow and Daft” [4:52]. In some ways the album starts off a little more conventional with the first five songs clocking in just over four minutes each, they save their longer stuff for the last half, but even at that these opening songs have a lot going for them: strong melodies and wonderful musicianship. Track six “The Ship” really launches the second half as a 57-second sound-effects-piece which slides into the instrumental “Intermission” [5:01]. That’s followed up with the softer more melancholic “Sorrow” [6:57] featuring some excellent Latin flavored acoustic guitar. Overall the last three songs show the band at their most complex with multi-segmented songs that display a lot of inventiveness.   


I really liked the music of Aisles. It’s very melodic and catchy when it wants to be and then it can just as easily be longer and more involving when they want to be. Overall it’s a great mix and a pleasant surprise. If I had to classify 4:45AM I’d say melodic-symphonic prog. By the end of the album the band is really putting out some great stuff which simply makes me want to start listening to it all over again. Highly Recommended.