Band: Also Eden

CD Title: [Redacted]

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Label: Festival Music

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Release Date: 2013


This is the fourth studio release from Also Eden since their debut in 2006. Entitled [Redacted] it carries on stylistically from each of the others being reminiscent of mid-period Genesis and early Marillion. The current line-up being: Rich Harding (vocals), Howard Sinclair (keyboards, vocals), Simon Rogers (guitars, vocals), Graham Lane (bass) and Lee Nicholas (drums). The band also list Andy Davies on additional keyboards. While their sound is clearly influenced by the symphonic genre’s forbearers, four albums on Also Eden have clearly learned to craft a sound that is distinctly their own bearing the familiarities of the past incorporated into a sound that is every bit contemporary. In sum the band sounds like Also Eden.


[Redacted] is made up of eight tracks all in the five to seven minute range and musically fits neatly into the melodic prog category with symphonic embellishments or overtones. The songs are very well crafted and arranged with different musical change-ups forming the connecting tissue for the different song sections. The tunes may revolve around a core theme and even return to that theme every so often. New this time around are the heavier elements that are incorporated throughout. These heavy elements provide a startling contrast to the overall flow of a song but rarely last a long time. For the most part, each of these compositions will start in one manner, develop a theme or musical riff, change direction once or twice, or build to any number of crescendos and climaxes before changing the feel yet again and taking the song in yet another different direction.


Over the years bands like Also Eden have come under criticism for sounding too much like their influences which to my mind seems all a bit silly. Four CDs on, Also Eden have produced yet another great set of musical selections with [Redacted] with no need to continue harboring those old prejudices. The band has nicely defined their own musical direction and its one that I find very appealing. Complex in its own way, this is modern symphonic music that offers something new with every listen. Recommended.