Band: Hoyt Binder

CD Title: Prayrie Go Round

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


Some of you may recognize Hoyt Binderís name as the brainchild of the pop-prog-rock outfit Primitive Overflow. This release,Prayrie Go Round is his first solo effort and is a very different animal. It still harbors a distinct prog influence or foundation but is in a broader sense more fusion oriented. Binder has assembled a pretty interesting group of musicians to execute his sonic visions (excuse the mixed metaphor). Alongside his sinewy guitar lines we hear Toss Panos (drums), Trevor Lloyd (violin) and Paulo Gustavo (bass). Listeners to his solo work will be entertained with music of a very different sort.


The music delivered on Prayrie Go Round is performed by a quartet of jazzy, fusion, world-beat influenced musicians. The eight instrumental compositions clock in at about sixty-five minutes and if Iíve provided enough initial direction you will have some idea of what to expect. Itís a fluid and flowing musical style where between the guitar and violin weíre treated to music that weaves its way in and out of musical passages much like a boat gliding leisurely downstream, and weíre along for the ride. Yes, there are solo passages usually traded off between guitar and violin and even here a subdued feeling prevails. The individual compositions are all on the longer side; most a little over six-minutes allowing for some nicely controlled changes in time and tempo and even overall feel. The overriding mood I felt while listening was one that took me back to those great eighties albums from George Benson or Al Di Meola. Itís a distinct jazzy, fusion vibe but not one that will be lost on progressive rock fans.  


Hoyt Binder has crafted a very fine set of tunes withPrayrie Go Round. It easily demonstrates yet another side to the man. Clearly his musical creativity is not something that can be contained in just one band. Fans of the bands and styles mentioned above will enjoy this immensely, Iím sure. Worth checking out.