Band: Autumn Moonlight

CD Title: Alter Reality

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2012


This is the second studio release from the Argentinian duo known as Autumn Moonlight. Alter Reality was actually released in 2012 and since its release the band have added a drummer and released two live EPs. The bandís core members are multi-instrumentalists Mariano Spadafora (bass, pianos, VSTi) and Tomas Barrionuevo (guitar, pianos, VSTi). The band creates instrumental music that occupies that space between soundtrack music and intense fusion featuring plenty of symphonic progressive rock embellishments.


Alter Reality is fifty-five minutes of music spread over eleven individual compositions ranging anywhere from four to seven minutes. Most of these selection hover in the five-minute range allowing for enough time and space for the compositions to ebb and flow through various stylistic changes. Given the fact that itís instrumental, instruments will fill the space where vocals would normally sit however Autumn Moonlight have chosen a more subtle or subdued approach to soloing. Rather than searing guitar solo after searing guitar solo normally there to show the guitaristís skills, these guys play it a little more low key, where the solos, regardless of instrument are there to create mood, texture or atmosphere. This is where the crossover from prog to soundtrack is most noticeable. Itís worth pointing out there are moments where the guitars launch into some crazy crunching riffs, but it all serves the mood of the piece or perhaps provides a counterpoint against the piano. I should say, lest you get the wrong impression this music is very much guitar-centric with some stellar chording-buildups and repeating riffing so there is plenty of dynamic intensity on display.


I really liked what Autumn Moonlight is doing. Instrumental music can sometimes suffer from being repetitive or just showing-off but these guys have an approach that allows for their orchestrated music to help implant or build images in the listenerís mind creating more than just background music. The music of Alter Reality kind of becomes the soundtrack to the listenerís life experiences played out with each listen. Recommended.