Band: Tiras Buck

CD Title: Songs for Parked Cars

Band Website:

Label: Independent Release

Release Date: 2014


What would get if you mixed the musical style of a band like Pavlov’s Dog with the writing style of an artist like Steve Thorne? What you would get is the music of Tiras Buck who’s first CD, Songs for Parked Cars is an amazing blend of these two approaches and in the end comes off sounding totally unique. Based in Pennsylvania and working with the likes of Echolyn’s Brett Kull and Paul Ramsey, Buck has crafted a well-conceived musical vision that will appeal to a wide range of melodic Prog enthusiasts.


Songs for Parked Cars is fifty-one minutes, eight compositions ranging in length from as short as 1:55 to as long as 12:08. In describing the musical accomplishments on this disc he references: “melodies, hymns, and anthems…” and certainly the description of hymns is very accurate for the tune that starts the disc “Our Graceful Tide” [3:55] with its stirring, emotional melody line and grand choir sing along. If you are a fan of bands like Barclay James Harvest and Strawbs the music of Tiras Buck will be right up your alley with its strong acoustic direction and layered Symphonic Prog arrangements. Lush orchestration abounds and the sound of Mellotron strings makes frequent appearances. Nothing here is overly complex, rather these songs flow smoothly melody upon melody. Every-so-often a dramatic musical change-up is employed to take a song in a new direction and while the electric guitar is there it never dominates. In the longer songs like “You Come Down” [7:05] or “Needing It” [9:21] we hear songs incorporating multiple contrasting and diverse song-segments knitted together in traditional Prog fashion.


If your penchant for Progressive Rock lies in the world of the Symphonic sub-genre Tiras Buck will find a welcome place in your collection. Fans of the more melodic styling of artists like Guy Manning or Steve Thorne and certainly any of the bands mentioned above will enjoy the music on Songs for Parked Cars. This is a wonderful collection of lovingly crafted compositions that speak to the heart of the listener. Thoroughly enjoyable recommended listening from beginning to end.