Band: Dewa Budjana

CD Title: Surya Namaskar

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Label: Moonjune Records

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Release Date: 2014


Fans of Jazz-Fusion will want to pay attention to the music of Dewa Budjana and that also goes for Progressive Rock fans who like their music to display a high level of complex virtuosity with a jazz stylistic leaning. Surya Namaskar, Budjanaís fourth studio release is sure to please. This time around Budjana (electric and acoustic guitars) finds himself working primarily with Jimmy Johnson [Allan Holdsworth, James Taylor, Flim & the BB's] (bass guitar) and Vinnie Colaiuta [Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, Sting] (drums). Along the way on various tracks we also hear the work of Gary Husband (synthesizers), Michael Landau (electric guitar solos), Mang Ayi (vocals), Kang Pupung (Sudanese violin) and Kangiya ((Sudanese harp). The music will take you back to the days of Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra but Budjana manages to put his own musical spin on the proceedings.


There are a total of eight tracks on Surya Namaskar, fifty-five minutes of music crafted in complex and ever changing mid-length compositions. Itís clear from the outset that Jazz-Fusion is the style of choice. By that I mean everything about the style of composition and performance screams Jazz but then layered in to varying degrees are other stylistics elements such as rock, prog, funk, etc. creating a fusion of styles making it hard to separate one from the other. Whatís also clear is that Budjawa loves to play and he likes to play with others who feel likewise. Thatís what makes this record so intoxicating even if youíre not a big fan of the genre. You get such a positive vibe from the tunes here. The compositions are quite complex as you would expect, being angular and approaching sections of dissonance but never going fully off the edge. Just when you think the music is going to fall apart it all comes back together for the core melody line.


More than his previous discs Surya Namaskar rocks pretty good, with some great riffs displaying a healthy blues feel before taking the musical detour to other vibes. If youíve never listened to the music of Dewa Budjana Iíd suggest this release is the perfect place to start. So with in mind Iím recommending it to fans keen on the Jazz Fusion style of things and also to those who what to check it out for the first time. I feel youíll really like what you hear.