Band: The Ben Cameron Project

CD Title: Tipping Point

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2014


Australian multi-instrumentalist Ben Cameron has landed with a pretty amazing first time effort entitledTipping Point that hits a lot of right notes for Progressive Rock fans of many stripes. The project started in 2013 and has come to fruition as a concept work that revolves around the heady subjects of anxiety, depression and bi-polar disorder. Creating everything is: Ben Cameron (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) and Chris Cameron (drums, percussion). In its broadest sense this is symphonic prog with influences as far ranging as Yes and Pink Floyd. 


Tipping Point, consists of two long epic length tracks, a total of just under forty minutes of music. Each composition is varied and dynamic featuring a classic grand climax laden opening that moves into a complex web of musical ideas all neatly stitched together with instrument sounds and solos. There is plenty of guitar and keyboard interplay featuring some rich vintage sounds alongside the newer tones. At times some of the guitar style borders on heavier Porcupine Tree territory and at other times more Steve Hackett-like creating atmospheres and moods. Both these compositions feature many musical change ups where we go from rocky to soft and mellow or busy to ambient. Unusually for such heavy subject matter, there are many moments of charm; soft bells, flutes or sweet melodies all of which provides a dramatic counterpoint to the minor chord aspects of the music. Structurally this is symphonic prog at its cleanest, building themes that change dynamically into faster or slower parts all then colliding into a new melodic direction.  


For a first time effort, this is very accomplished material and Ben Cameron shows himself as a very clever writer and musician. While there’s no denying the man’s influences he’s expertly inculcated those other musical ideas and created something that is thoroughly his own. Fans of bands such as Spock’s Beard, IQ, Transatlantic and the like will find much to appreciate and enjoy with Tipping Point. I encourage you to check’em out.