Band: Cranium Pie

CD Title: Mechanisms Part 2

Website: www.craniumpie.co.uk

Label: Fruits de Mer Records (2015)

Rating: Good Effort 2/5 


This other-worldly adventurous mountain of music could only have come from minds that have been knowingly altered in some fashion. And I mean that in a very good way. Insert smiley face here! The combo known as Cranium Pie have given us a double vinyl set featuring what appears to be one track per side with each side running about nineteen minutes so thereís a ton of music here. And as you might expect the general feel is equal parts space-rock and psychedelia. Fans of bands like Hawkwind or Ozric Tentacles should be in their glory over what is on display here. Everything from the compositional style to the sound recording seems intentionally designed to transport the listener back to some dimension inhabited by the likes of Dr. Strange. The four side-long musical performances are actually made up of shorter segments but as instructed in the promo material, designed to be listened to in one sitting Ė if you dare! The music chugs along with intermittent spacey bleeps and blurps building an intense atmosphere that then simply slips away to feature some wonderfully lazily played guitar or keyboard solos and as if thatís not enough, given the length of these pieces thereís lots of soloing going on, but know that it never sounds samey. These ever changing solos then typically build into something else altogether. Fans of this musical approach will also be delighted to hear Mellotron sprinkled throughout, muted drums, odd sounding keyboards and processed vocals all periodically drenched in reverb and echo. These ever-changing compositions go everywhere musically and yet seem to go no-where. Itís the grand psychedelic paradox. That said, there is a lot of music on display on Mechanisms Part 2 and it all seems to come with its own smoke haze. If youíve never heard these guys you really should checkíem out. Itís a trip.