Band: Brainticket

CD Title: Past Present & Future

Website: www.brainticketband.com

Label: Purple Pyramid (2015)

Rating: Intriguing 1/5



I must admit I rather enjoy seeing artists from the “Golden-Days” either still active musically or become active once again after a protracted absence. Such is the case with Swiss Krautrockers Brainticket. Their first album was released in 1971 which was then followed by two more albums in the seventies, then two in the eighties and finally one in 2000, then the long break till now. Past Present & Future is their seventh release and as such picks up where the others left off with only slight modernization. The authentic psychedelic, space-rock feel is all over these nine-tracks. The seventy-five minutes of music is infused with spacey synthesizers, hypnotic pounding rhythms, lonely organs, flutes, hushed trippy vocals and, well, you get the point. This is music for the floating mind. Most of these compositions are in the six or seven minute range with one epic length twenty-one minute track. The tunes weave their way through various spacey segments with cymbals taking the focus while other instruments seem to noodle away in the background. The mood is filled with minor notes, minor chords and little structure. This is certainly true of the longer song but even the shorter more “composed” pieces go from organized and structured moments to more jamming segments to ultimately total improvisation and then back again. As such the album’s title is totally apt as the music does indeed reflect much of the past, certainly the present and even perhaps something of the future. Fans of bands such as Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles or any of the classic Krautrockers of the seventies will find much to enjoy with the music on display here. If that’s your thing, you have been notified. Act accordingly.